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What Scares The Second City?

By Liz Kozak | Oct 28, 2013

To celebrate Halloween this week, we asked The Second City family to answer this question:

What scares you? 

“That people will find out the truth: that I worked for Second City in the mid-80s, but disappeared and came back with a new identity– just so I could ride again.” –Michael Lehrer, Second City e.t.c. Theater Ensemble Member

“Democrats.” –Griffin Wenzler, Box Office Rep

“In ascending order: When anyone’s body touches me on public transit, the time as a kid when I learned about periods from the movie Carrie, and Reply-All.” –Aaron Sjoholm, Chicago Training Center Operations Manager & Teacher

“President Michele Bachmann. Just the thought of it sends chills down my spine.”  –Jeff Gandy, Education & Youth Programs Manager

“I’m scared of dying alone. To combat my fear, I’m becoming a pilot.” –Greg Ott, Actor, Second City Theatricals

“Admittedly, I have some bizarro phobias: Sinkholes. Tumbleweeds. Big signs. Used Band-Aids. Sticky stuff. Buoys. And Juggalos. No bueno.”  –Jocelyn Geboy, Box Office Rep

“Pumpkin innards gross me out. Ever since my first pumpkin lobotomy as a child, pumpkin guts turn my innards upside down.” –Andrew Thorp, Training Center Marketing Manager & Teen/Youth Faculty

“Impromptu toasts. I may have the notes in my head, the slight alcohol buzz, and all the confidence in the world, but that still won’t guarantee a well-prepared speech once I stand up.” –Sandra Mazuera, Box Office Rep

“I always get super-scared when I look at my checking account and need to decide what to pay for: the electric bill or wine… One will keep the lights on, and one will keep me from killing people. Just sayin’.” –Andrea Miller, Group Events & Catering Manager

“Definitely ghosts. They can see everything. It’s terrifying that ghosts can see me watching Pretty Little Liars in the dark, binge-eating Pretzel Thins.” –Ellen Williams, Student Service Representative

“Bees. It all started with Macaulay Culkin in My Girl. He can’t see without his glasses!!!” –Eddie Mujica, Second City Touring Company Ensemble Member & SCN Contributor

“Snakes. I once saw a belt on the floor in the shape of a snake and immediately threw out all my belts. Traitors.”  –Courtney Hummel, SCC Account Coordinator

“When Christmas decorations and music start before October is even over (shudders). “ –Ashley Schulter, SCC Inside Sales Representative

Divvy bikers scare me. They are going to kill us all– or all be killed. SINGLE FILE, DIVVY BIKERS!!!” –Rachael Mason, Head of Advanced Improvisation

“Old Town Jimmy on a crack binge.” –Dan Wagner, IT Manager

“Deranged families. Nothing’s scarier than a group of people, especially a family, in agreement that wearing human skin is a good lifestyle choice. Take the family in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. At some point, they gave their son the nickname ‘Leatherface.’”  –Chris Pagnozzi, Second City Archivist & Network Manager

“I am scared by the prospect of failure in life. And of my mother. Unrelated.” –Natalie Shipman, Second City Touring Company Alum & SCN Contributor

“Babies and pets staring at things that are not there. I just automatically think they’re talking to a demon who is about to break my back.” –Patrick Rowland, Next: An Official Second City Training Center House Ensemble Member & SCN Conbtributor

“One word: diabetes.” –Neal Dandade, Second City Touring Company Ensemble Member

“Besides the Tea Party and Two and a Half Men? I’m most scared of losing my glasses in a zombie attack.” –Rachel LaForce, Touring Company Ensemble Member

“Maybe it’s just me, but I get scared every time I’m buried alive, futilely pounding against the wooden walls of my now-eternal resting place as the mad laughs of my captor grow more faint with every fresh shovelful of dirt.”  –Tim Ryder, Second City Touring Company Alum

“Loneliness and death. Is that too heavy?” –Tyler Alexander, VP of Digital Media

“Intimacy.” –John Hartman, Second City Touring Company alum & SCN Contributor


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