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TwerkForce – Gary Wore A Tie Clip (Feat. Rhymefest)

By The Second City Network | Sep 16, 2013

Office attire is pretty standard fare and most often shows that you’re a team player. But what happens when someone steps outside of the usual bounds of the unspoken dress code? Your co-workers probably won’t write and perform a rap about it, but what if they did?

Written by Ross Bryant , Jesse Case, Tawny Newsome and Kevin Sciretta

Music by Jesse Case
Performed by Rhymefest, Joey Romaine, Niccole Thurman, and Shawn Shuntel Smith
Featuring Lauren Huffman and Landis Frederick
Directed by Jeff Hadick Camera Sebastian Lama Produced by Jeph Porter
Production Coordinator Joel Labahn
Edited by Adam Orton Graphic Design Stephani Allan

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