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SCN’s Exclusive with Lil BUB!

By Liz Kozak | Sep 16, 2013

When the opportunity presented itself to land an exclusive interview with the most amazing cat on the planet– as part of my job— I was kind of like…

“Well, sure, but there are going to be major issues with payroll and my estate taxes, because clearly I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO WORLD-FAMOUS CAT FAN HEAVEN.”

The thing about BUB is that she just makes people happy.

She’s pure joy from outer space who’s all eyes and tongue and also more tongue.

If you’re like me, then 98% of your day is probably spent looking at pictures of Lil BUB (the “perma-kitten”), and the remaining 2% is spent thinking about how she has millions of fans, a complete merch line, an award-winning film, a talk show and is now offically a published author: LIL BUB’s LIL BOOK is available wherever people who care about great literature sell books!


Despite her busy schedule, BUB took a few minutes out of her day to talk to The Second City Network about our favorite two topics: BUB ‘n chuckles. Here’s what she had to say:

SCN: What do folks say is the funniest thing about you? 

BUB: My sense of humor, of course. It kills. Also my face. 

SCN: How have you changed since becoming famous?

BUB: Oh, well I’ve always been famous, really. On my planet, I’m even more famous than here. It was weird not being famous for the first few months I was here, but I knew it wouldn’t be long.

SCN: What’s the best part about writing a book?

BUB: Having Steve Albini read it to you when it’s done.

SCN: What makes you chuckle, BUB?

BUB: Belly rubs and Ron Swanson.

SCN: Fill in the blank to finish this joke: Knock, knock. Who’s there? BUB. BUB who? 

BUB: Lil BUB, duh.

Good job on the interview, BUB.


BUB & Second City alum Jack McBrayer

BUB & The Second City alum Jack McBrayer

Make your life happier and follow Lil BUB on TwitterTumblrInstagram and like her on Facebook.

Special thanks to BUB’s dude (the very nice & generous) Mike Bridavsky and Beth Parker.


Liz Kozak (Editor-in-Chief) loves cats, ‘specially her own two, Phillip & Eleanor. Follow her on Twitter @LizKoz.

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