SCTV – Bob Hope Desert Classic

Bob and Lou host this star-studded golfing event. Begin has a bad lie, and argues with Arafat. King Fahud shows Lola how to hold her putter. Charlton Heston helps Golda chip through a pipeline. Arafat occupies the 12th hole, while Begin takes the 13th fairway. Lou gets lost off the 18th hole.

Lou Jaffe – Eugene Levy
Bob Hope – Dave Thomas
Menachim Begin – Joe Flaherty
Yasser Arafat – Eugene Levy
King Fahud – John Candy
Lola Heatherton – Catherine O’Hara
Jack Nicklaus – John Candy
Cheap Bogie – Joe Flaherty
Golda Meir – Andrea Martin
Charlton Heston – Flaherty
Richard Nixon – Joe Flaherty
American businessman – John Candy
Announcer – John Candy
miscellaneous Arabs – extras

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