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The Women of Star Wars

By The Second City | May 2, 2014

For all fans that want to revisit the original trilogy this May the 4th, we’ve made a cheat sheet to help you spot George Lucas’ hidden Easter eggs from the first three films: Women.

A long time ago, in an Industrial Light and Magic warehouse, a team of filmmakers created a science fiction masterpiece— fueled only by imagination, innovation and cocaine.  Join us now in an attempt to not judge the 1970s too harshly.

Princess Leia – First Appearance: Ep. IV


Leia Organa is a princess who, within the first 10 minutes of the film, has smuggled enemy tactical data and shot a storm trooper dead. And that is great. 

Fun Star Wars Fact: You may recognize her as the woman in Empire Strikes Back with dialogue!

Aunt Beru – Only Appearance: Ep. IV


The tragic deaths of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen convince Luke to fight for the rebellion in what looks like, at this point, a mostly Caucasian galactic war. Two female speaking roles in the first twenty minutes! Let’s keep this train rollin’!

Mon Mothma – Only Appearance: Ep. VI


Okay… here we are midway through Return of The Jedi and we have the final credited female roll of Mon Mothma. How do I know that’s her name? I Googled it. Like, no one says, “Hey, Mon Mothma, how’s it going? It’s kinda weird we haven’t seen you at any other rebel meetings, huh?” (Deep sigh.)

Hoth Map Technician(s) – In the Background of: Ep. V


Full disclosure: this could either be one or two women, I don’t have a great TV. Also, do the rebels have like a no non-Leia women on the battlefield rule?

Mos Eisley Women Walking By– In the Background of: Ep. IV


(Deeper sigh.) You know, we put men on the moon eight years before A New Hope came out. And what was a popular tv show upon its release? Police Woman. POLICE. WOMAN. That was a novel enough idea for a whole show.

Bespin Women Walking By – In the Background of: Ep. V


A WOMAN, who was a POLICE OFFICER. An entire series about THAT. And you know what? Things had never been better for women at that point! I just… alright, maybe I’m judging too harshly. There’s gotta be one more uplifting example of women in the original trilogy.

Jabba’s Sex Slaves – Danced in Green Body Paint in: Ep. VI


Alright, @&$# this. I’m out. Happy 4th, everyone. May the force be with you, and parents, please paint your children’s walls gender-neutral colors.

Tim Dunn is an alum of the Second City Training Center. He performs regularly with his comedy band The Shock T’s, hosts the podcast “The Nerdologues Present: Talking Games with Tim & Clayton,” has performed at the iO Theater and in the sketch group ATV. Also, he writes jokes about anxiety on Twitter: @TimothyRDunn.

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