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Happy Hug Your Cat Day!

By The Second City | Jun 4, 2014

It’s June 4th, and you know what that means!  It’s Hug Your Cat Day. So find your closest Friendly Feline and give him a big ol’ squeeze, proportionate to his size and fragility!  I know I’m going to find my best friend in the whole world, Tinkles!


Tinkles is a male Turkish Van breed with a beautiful full coat!  He’s fun, lovable, and was aptly named because he died of dehydration due to loss of bladder control.  But death doesn’t stop him from being my #1 Guy!  And I get to show him some extra love and attention, because today’s his special day!

Photo Credit: Dale

Oh boy!  Looks like my neighbor Dale* took this picture when the boys were rough housin’!  Tinkles loves to wrestle and give lots of hugs!  Sometimes, he likes to lay very still on his back and gets lots of tummy rubs! 

Be careful when playing with your cat, as you might overstimulate him with all of the wrestling and tummy rubs.  Some cats don’t even like their tummy to be touched because it’s very sensitive!  But not my Tinkles; his belly is full of sand now! 


Who are these COOL CATS?  Dale* captured the perfect moment right before some summer fun!  You know, leashes aren’t just for dogs!  Some cats even behave like dogs, making them the perfect walking buddy!  But with the summer heat on the rise, be careful with your companion outdoors, especially the longhair breeds! And make sure they have plenty of water.


Got me again, you crafty cat!  Our neighbor Dale* peeked into our apartment right at the climax of a pretty intense board game!  You’d be surprised how intelligent cats are!  They quickly adapt to their surroundings and have a very good memory!  You win this time, Tinkles!  But next time, I get to be yellow!  Just kidding, you’re always yellow!  It’s your favorite color!


Happy birthday, buddy!  Dale* helped us capture the moment for Tinkles’ 25th birthday!!  Did you know that each human year is equal to 18 cat years?  Wow!  Make sure to celebrate your cat-panion’s anniversary every chance you get, and always cherish every moment you have with him!  I guess I should be saying, “Happy 117th Birthday, Buddy!  You did it!”

Side Note: it’s okay to dress up your cat for special events like holidays, but make sure your cat is comfortable with it!  Pinned back ears means the cat is unhappy.  Tinkles didn’t used to like party hats for his birthday, but now he loves them!

Photo credit: Dale*

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!  Tinkles may look fierce, but he’s just a big ol’ softy, just like his fur coat!  If your cat seems a little too feral, they may just be slow to warm up to a new person or a new environment.  Take your time, be patient, and even the most feral cat will warm up to you in no time!  You’ll be friends for life, and beyond!

Also, big ups to Dale* for capturing this intimate moment between Man and Beast (Not really! He’s more of a Beauty)!

So give your Feline Friend the biggest hug , lots of pets and love this day!  He’ll reciprocate right back with lots of nuzzles and squoochies and purrs!

And Don’t Forget…

Photo credit: Dale*

WE LOVE YOU, BUDDY !!!!!!!!!

* Dale is a registered psychiatrist in the Greater Chicagoland area, specializing in Grief Counseling and Coping with Loss.  If you or someone you know is having problems moving past a traumatic moment in their lives, please contact Dale.

*Dale is also an amateur photographer in the Greater Chicagoland area.  If you or someone you know is looking for their portrait to be taken, please contact Dale.

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