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Family-Friendly Improv Games for Road Trips

By The Second City | Mar 18, 2014

Spring Break vacations are a blast! The endless car rides there usually… aren’t.

Whether you’re trekking to Disneyworld— or just to Ikea— keep your kids, your friends, or the hobos you picked up alongside the road entertained the whole way there with these brain-activating improv games that (hopefully) won’t drive you nuts.

One-Word Story

Everyone in the car helps tell a story— one word at a time. Take turns coming up with a unique title to kick off each round. Competitive group? Deem one player a judge that can kick players out when they take too long to come up with a word, or try adding something that doesn’t make sense/messes up the sentence structure, or do the whole thing in Pig Latin.

For the scrapbook: Assign a stenographer to write out the whole story as it happens to share with friends and family later. It will be THAT good.

Yes, And…

Pick an object, any object!  The first player points out something about it, and the next player has to say “yes, and…” [insert something else about the object here]. If you can’t think of an add-on, you’re out!

Example: The object? A shoe.

Player One: “A shoe is supportive.”
Player Two: “Yes, and stinky if Dad is wearing it.”
Player Three: “Yes, and you’re grounded.”
(Dad would be out for not staying on topic and also for being sooooooooo lame.)

1001 Mermaids Go Into a Juice Bar

Make up one-liners on the spot by picking an animal, group of people, profession (or pretty much anything you want) and plugging it in the following structure:

1001 (blanks) go into a juice bar, and the juice bartender says, “We don’t serve your kind here.” The (blanks) ask why, and the juice bartender says… “Because [insert hilarious punchline that is most likely a pun or something related to the (blank)]!!!”

Example: Fill in the blank with “mermaids,” and the hilarious punchline might be, “Because something about you smells Filet-O-Fishy!”

World’s Worst

Another joke machine! Pick a profession and take turns acting out like the world’s worst person at that job. Keep score for how many act-outs each player comes up with, and tally up the points at the end of the game.

Example: World’s Worst Dentist.

Player One: “Oops, chipped another one!”
Player Two: “Be patient, I’ll give you the laughing gas as soon as I’m done using it.”
Player Three: “Darn, dropped my drill down your throat!”

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Andrew Thorp is a writer, director and performer in Chicago. He is the Marketing Manager at The Second City Training Center – Chicago, teaches Teen/Youth improv, sketch writing and stand-up and produces comedy shows via Thorpedo Productions.

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