Eugene Levy On Never Thinking You’re Smarter Than Your Audience

By The Second City | Jan 29, 2018

“Never think you’re smarter than your audience.”

Wise words from Second City alum and SCTV comedy hero Eugene Levy, whose new interview with Variety touches on his comedic influences, his early days at Second City, how the idea for SCTV was dreamed up, and his very first gig in the gig in the business…a film that’s affectionately been called “one of the sleaziest Canadian B-movie concoctions of its era.”

Another golden rule of improv Levy dropped? “Always work at the top of your intelligence level.” And judging by the fact that”Schitt’s Creek,” the show he co-created with his son Dan Levy, is heading into its fourth season on Pop TV, it looks like his approach to comedy is paying off.

Editor’s note: If you haven’t watched “Schitt’s Creek” yet (which reunites Levy with his Second City/”SCTV”/”Best in Show”/”A Might Wind” co-star Catherine O’Hara), do yourself a favor right now and don’t leave the house until you’ve seen every episode.

Work at the top of your intelligence level.

Never think you’re smarter than your audience.

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