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Digital Dating: Meet Our Experts!

By The Second City | Apr 16, 2014

A Letter from the SCN Editors

Hello, SCN Readers!

This week, we’d like to introduce our newest columnists, online dating experts Carole McEnany and Dan “The Man” Wiltercox. They’re not only full-time relationship experts, they’re also sometimes casual sex partners!

Both have extensive expertise in the field of online dating, and now they’re answering all of your deepest, darkest questions in their ongoing advice column, “Digital Dating.”

About Carol & Dan

carolCAROL MCENANY is the best-selling author of such self help books as I’m Hungry for Love, but I’ll Settle for Ho-Hos, Look Love in the Face and Bitchslap It, and What’s So Bad About Catfishing?: Reinventing Yourself Online to Find True Love.

Ms. McEnany’s passion for online dating bloomed in 2003. After a series of failed dates, she realized she could reinvent herself online. She made up who she WANTED to be, and people were ATTRACTED to her. She rarely got past Date #1 when they met face to face, but it was liberating. This gave birth to her primary dating philosophy: Keep lying, tweaking and adjusting until you become a brand new lovable person!

Ms. McEnany has traveled the world delivering lectures on love and online dating,  scooping up awards (and men!) along the way. Her numbers are high, because as the maestro herself says, “The more experience, the better!” Let Carol do the legwork of experiencing dating men from all walks of life— so YOU don’t have to. This is one expert who doesn’t sit idly by. She DIGS in. For YOU.

In addition to her literary awards, Ms. McEnany acts as a love consultant to several celebrities, including: Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, John Mayer, Roseanne Barr & the fictional character Bridget Jones. Her track record speaks for itself.

Happily single living with her ex-husband #3 (Alfie), Ms. McEnany enjoys sharing joint custody of their daughter, Abigail, and their pet turtle, Fantasy. She does not have secret desires to mate with her relationship expert partner Dan. She does. She doesn’t. She does. This is a woman who lays it all out there. And so should you. Find love. NOW.

danthemanDAN “The Man” WILTERCOX was unsuccessful in love. And in all relationships. Lacking the necessary self-confidence to meet people and hold conversations, he dove into the online world and showcased the secret, dark parts of his personality. All of a sudden, he could say whatever he wanted. And it felt GREAT!

Mr. Wiltercox now tours the globe training men to be their authentic selves. Let the ugly out. Say what you mean. And if you want to, BE mean. His method works—  he knows from experience. He’s been engaged 12 times, but he’s never pulled the trigger. Because he doesn’t HAVE to. He’s Dan THE Man.

Author of such titles as Don’t Look Me in the Eyes, Or I’ll Break Up with You, Ding-Dong, You’re Divorced! — and It’s Freaking Awesome! and I’ll Order for You, but I Won’t Hold the Door, Wiltercox has made a name for himself in the 2014 online dating world. Sometimes liked. Often loathed. Always controversial.

The Man lives by himself in an all-glass building at an undisclosed location. Don’t look for him; he’ll come to you.

Next on Digital Dating: Carole & Dan answer all your burning, itching questions about finding love in the digital age. Post your question to our Facebook page and stay tuned!


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