DePaul + The Second City Named a ‘Best Film School’ for 2020

By The Second City | Aug 17, 2020

We are honored (or 'honoured' in Canadian) that our partnership with DePaul University made MovieMaker’s 2020 Best Film Schools in the U.S. and Canada list, which focuses on “the best traditional directing, screenwriting, and cinematography programs, as well as lesser-known tracks focused on craftsmanship, curation, and emerging media, to help aspiring moviemakers be ready for anything — and to keep creating no matter what comes next.”

DePaul University (Chicago, IL) – Outstanding comedy filmmaking training 

DePaul University takes advantage of its proximity to comedy company The Second City in its graduate and undergraduate degrees in Comedy Filmmaking. Its Master’s in Screenwriting with a Concentration in Comedy is the first and only degree of its kind. Aimed at nourishing new comedic perspectives, courses are hosted at both The Second City and DePaul University. DePaul is also renowned for its access to impressive production facilities, most notably the 32,000-square-foot production facility Cinespace Studios.

Learn about our first-of-its-kind partnership with DePaul here.

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