By The Second City | Dec 15, 2017

A beloved form of digital communication signed off to that great big chatroom in the sky today, and The Second City would like to pay its respects by remembering our original AOL  Instant Messenger screen names.


  • Liz Kozak: GunBunny3000
  • Craig Tommey: Willus100
  • Abby Wagner: Abym15 (A full "Abby" was apparently taken)
  • Dawn Kusinski: doctordawn621 (Yup, I was pre-med in college 😀)
  • Niq Schwartz: nick69pimp (I was 13)
  • Jenna Steege: StegsAqui17
  • Andrea Miller: LucrativeLunatic (Even though I was poor and not crazy.....well, the not crazy is debatable)
  • Cameron Creekmur: tptotally (Stands for tennis player totally - so embarrassing!)
  • Kate Eddy: LilTootSieRoLL337
  • Heather Scholl: Luv2sing1000 (My mom created my account and since any relevant numbers to my life were taken, she took AOL's suggestion of "1000." I really do Luv 2 sing tho. LOL. brb g2g back to work. TTYL.)
  • Rosie Chevalier: QuAcKiE22 (And now that AIM is gone I can reveal that my password was "sportz".)
  • Christine Weadick: Skittle03, Pheebs5000, and CheerGrlPEP
  • Sunjay Agtey: Pagal22
  • Joe Ruffner: catbut24
  • Ian Owens: I never had one... but I was until someone hacked my account.
  • Ross Taylor: firecrach
  • Bob Knuth: ArtsyBob1985
  • Alan Linic: tygerbyte5120
  • Jackie Southie: EZwayOut2192 (2192, for the layman, was a numeric code indicating you were a Backstreet Boy Super Fan. B=2, S=19, B=2.)
  • Lilliana Winkworth: lkwinksportsusa
  • Mark Campbell: krammstr (Which I didn’t realize how dirty it sounds until my adulthood)
  • Terrence Carey: t_mann_only1
  • Andrew Bolduc: WarriorMonkey17
  • Anthony Sanders: Mogwai135 (But that was when I was 13. When I was 11, it was ATrainPants.)
  • Asia Martin: hottie1105
  • Katie Kershaw: Katie_kershaw54 (54 was the number on my sister’s basketball jersey. She’s my idol.)
  • Atra Asdou: kLuTzYaTrA25 (Because I'm klutzy... and 25 is my favorite number.)


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