Chai Chat - The Sex Talk with My Indian Parents

Away at college, Priyanka gets the sex talk from her parents via web video.

And on her Facebook page? We found this...

10 Things My Indian Parents Don’t Know About My Sex Life by Priyanka Patel

1. I have one.

2. I was the last of my friends to lose my virginity, but have made out with 100+ men... and counting.

3. Sometimes I don't have “clean” underwear on. Sometimes I don't have any underwear on. And I'm not talking about in the shower.

4. They've at least passed along their classic Indian paranoia, as I always use at least two (but no more than four) forms of birth control at a time.

5. I've only had two partners thus far, but 50% them were white.

6. I know what a white circumcised man looks like.

7. I shave. Everywhere. FOR ME!

8. I've never heard, seen, imagined, or believed that my parents have had sex.

9. I'm probably the one kid who's right about #8.

10. I know what a BBW is, and I’m on the fast-track to becoming one.

My poor, poor, clueless parents. At least I give them credit for mastering a web cam. I have, too. 🙂

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