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Casual Sports Fans FAQs

By The Second City | Apr 2, 2014

As you rip up your non-billion dollar-winning brackets in preparation for this weekend’s Final Four showdown, your mind will most likely shift towards April and… baseball.

Or it will… until May or June, by when we’ve all gone to a game and remembered that it’s basically a seven-hour ordeal that mostly sucks. But just as that realization hits, soccer emerges from international exile, and the 2014 World Cup will make the sport relevant in America for a hot minute! Until the 4th of July, which for some reason is now when the NBA championship is decided, bringing our nation back to basketball.

Whether you’ve somehow ended up with tickets to a non-football game or just need a little help killing time until football starts up again, here are some answers to your casual sports fans FAQs.



Sam Roos has preformed with BoatCo (NCL Breakaway) as well as HouseCo (“El is for Love”). He’s a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and Comedy Studies Program. Find out more about him at his website, checking out his two-person sketch group EVIL on Facebook or by following him on twitter@Roostafarian.

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