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7 Iffy Ideas for Indoor Winter Fun

By The Second City | Jan 30, 2014

Polar Vortex: The Sequel. The Atlanta Ice Capades. There is snow in the Florida Panhandle, so it must be true– hell really can freeze over.

If Old Man Winter, Young Lad S.A.D. or Middle-Aged Lady Flu are keeping you at home these days, you’re gonna need something fun to do to keep busy. These indoor activities will exercise (Wait! Keep reading, not that kind of exercise) your creative side that has probably been hibernating in a deep-freeze.

1. Download the Game of Thrones 4-book bundle on your Kindle app.

You can read for 24 hours straight and still only be 5% finished with the first book.

2. Get out your art supplies circa The College Years and get ready to shine on Etsy.

You sat through “Watercolor 101” and “Getting to the Pointillism” freshman year– use those skills before they disappear (like most college memories) forever. Need some motivation? Whip up a portrait of your sleepy cat, or grab a mirror and paint the original selfie.

3. Follow along with your favorite TV chef.

You can spend endless hours perfecting a small-screen dish, especially if you’re improvising with some of the ingredients. (Let’s face it, you aren’t going to the grocery store today. Or tomorrow. Or ever.)

4. Write Rush Limbaugh some hate mail.

Because he isn’t getting the point. For your convenience, we will provide you with his email address: It’s Seriously. That’s it for real. Get writing.

5. Home Alone your apartment.

You never know when a couple of bumbling burglars are going to break in. Get creative and set up booby traps only you know about. Feng Shui never felt so protective!

6. Shed the late-90s you.

Head directly to the back rack in your closet and get rid of those clothes you’re never going to wear again. Be ruthless; don’t dote on the wonderful date where you wore (more like didn’t wear!!!) those corduroys. Ignore the fact that your garbage bag full of giveaways will never find its way to the Salvation Army drop-off center.

7. Start on that novel you’ve been meaning to get to.

Or maybe that screenplay. Okay, that short story. Fine, that tweet. You have time; just free write for an hour and throw caution to the wind. Surely something good will be scribbled in your chicken scratch. Put your pen to paper and don’t stop writing. Ready? Go!

Andrew Thorp manages marketing, promotions and volunteer efforts for The Second City Training Center in Chicago. Have questions about classes, performance opportunities or volunteering events? Email Andrew at or call 312.664.3959

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