The 15 Best Lists of All Time

By Julie Marchiano, The Second City | Jun 20, 2014

I wanted to start this article out by reminding everyone of a time when we actually read articles with, like, paragraphs and shit– but then I got scared that the BuzzFeed Illuminati would come to my house and chop me up into little pieces and then make me into a series of dancing GIFS/JIFS and then, like, that would be my funeral service?

So, I’m gonna change my tune and say DAMN, LISTS ARE AWESOME. Sure, they’ve grown in popularity over the last few years… and thank goodness, because I needed to know how I already know that I’m from North Carolina, even though I’m FROM there, so I KNOW, ASSHOLES.

Lists have been keeping it real for a long time. With a plethora of ‘em out there, it can be hard to discern which lists are worth your time and which ones are for the birds, so we’ve put together a definitive list of the 15 best lists… OF ALL TIME.

1. The Phone Book


Think about it. It’s just a big contact list of everyone around you.

2. The Ten Commandments


The first list we know of. It’s made out of stone and came from the sky, SO YOU KNOW IT’S LEGIT, Y’ALL.

3. Cast lists

Nothing will make or break a 15-year-old’s spirit like finding out who got “Maureen” in Rent Jr.

4. Grocery lists

grocery list

Everybody’s gotta eat. Thanks, Mom!

5. Set lists

Rockstars have ‘em. So do stand-ups.

6. Those rules they put up by the pool


No running, no pushing, no cut-offs, no diving, no pooping.

7. Side effects for drugs that they rattle off real fast at the end of commercials


You could get diarrhea, or you could get dead. What range!

8. The Billboard Top 40


Remember when Casey Kasem (RIP) did it live on Sunday mornings? I mean before wax cyborg Ryan Seacrest took over all media. Does Seacrest own BuzzFeed?

9. Recipes


Pro Tip: These lists can be tricky if you screw up Tsp. and Tbs. #saltycookies #LOL #BLESSED

10. To-Do lists

Sometimes I like to start mine with “Make a List” so that I can cross it off, sit back, and feel like I accomplished something.

11. The Alphabet


Big-ass list of letters, man.

12. Report cards


Also known as “a list of ways you disappoint your dad.”

13. Menus!!!

One of the BEST best lists. Can you tell I’m hungry?

14. iTunes playlists

These are cool because they’re like lists within lists. Question, though: Does it still count as a list if your “In Case We Break Up” playlist is just that “All By Myself” song, but then you put it on repeat?

15. Itemized receipts from the bar


AKA, a list of regrets.

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