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In 2016 we launched the Harold Ramis Film School, the first film school dedicated to comedy.

Improv for Anxiety was created for students with social or performance anxiety.  It combines improv classes with group therapy sessions, in partnership with the Panic & Anxiety Recovery Center. Over 100 students have gone through Improv for Anxiety.

The Training Center offers classes in partnership with The Onion, teaching basic writing for comedic satire on the web. Three students of this class were hired into The Onion fellowship program.

Improv for Senior Citizens launched in 2014.

Our House Ensembles (the Second City “farm team”) allows advanced students to gain additional stage time and the opportunity to write a revue in Second City style. 50% of House Ensemble members are eventually hired by The Second City.

Summer camps for Youth & Teen students bring in over 600 kids! The Youth & Teen program gives out over 75 scholarships each year, 90% of which go to minority students.

In 2013 we launched a successful new class for teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In 2014 this program ran in Chicago as well as a 1-week camp at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

The Training Center Education Programs bring in Chicago teachers from around the city, facilitating a day-long program on how to use improvisation in the classroom.

The Second City pays over 400 people each week, making it one of the largest arts schools in the nation supporting the improv community.

Our Comedy Studies program serves like a “semester abroad,” where students study with us for 1 semester and gain course credit. In partnership with Columbia, the nation’s first Comedy major launched in fall 2013 – these students will study for a semester at The Second City in their Junior year.


Total # of Enrollments 2013: 26,193

% Males in Chicago: 43

% Females in Chicago: 47

50% of our student base have taken 5 or more classes with The Second City.

On average, we have about 2,500 students per week taking classes in Chicago, and 4,000 in total across Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto.

Core Programs

TV, Film & Digital (launching in 2014)