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Los Angeles Diversity in Comedy Festival

  The Second City’s fourth annual, 2019 Diversity in Comedy Festival, is a 4-day festival taking place on October 17, 18, 19, 20. LADCF will feature diverse performers in the realm of sketch, improv, stand-up, original pilots, and video shorts, through performances, reading, viewing, panels, and workshops. Locations for the 2019 festival are at The Second City Hollywood on the following sponsored stages, 3 Arts Stage, NBC Stage, and Nickeloden Stage. 2019 is an exciting year for LADCF, as we’re introducing two new ways to participate with Original Pilots being chosen and read on stage, and 2-10min Comedy Shorts viewings, sponsored by The Second City’s Harold Ramis Film School! Who qualifies as “diverse”? We feel that diversity extends to any group of underrepresented cultural voices- this could be based on gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. If you believe your comedic voice is underrepresented and reflects your unique background…apply! Over the next few months we will be adding information on our many workshops, guest panels and performers. Check back for current updates!


Festival Hashtag: LADCF19

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Los Angeles Times: Second City Hollywood to launch Diversity in Comedy Festival

2019 All Show Festival Pass
$80 before October 17th
$100 during the festival
Purchase Pass Here

Theatre Locations During the Festival
There are three active stages during the festival, please take note which stage your show is at when purchasing tickets, they are directly across the street from each other.
NBC Stage (located on 2nd floor with no elevator access)
3 Arts Stage (located on 2nd floor with no elevator access)
Nickelodeon Stage (ADA Compliant Ground Floor Accessible)
Parties During the Festival
Opening night party Oct 17th at Lono Hollywood 4-7pm
Closing night party Oct 20th at Lono Hollywood 7-10pm
Closed Captioning devices display a show’s dialogue and sound effects as text.
Devices available by request. LADCF shows with Closed Captioning have “CC” before the title of the show below.
Please email ladcf@secondcity.com


Thursday 10/17/19

7 PM – The Latinx Comedy Pachanga (variety) – 3 Arts Stage

7:30 PM – Bob Curry Showcase (showcase) – NBC Stage

8:30 PM – BlackVerse (sketch) & Gringos (improv) – 3 Arts Stage

10 PM – I’ll Believe That When I Fell It On My Ass (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage

10:30 PM – I Dreamed A Dream (sketch) – NBC Stage

Friday 10/18/19

1 PM – Empowering Underrepresented Characters (workshop) – Second City Training Center

2:30 PM – Legal Aliens (pilot reading) – 3 Arts Stage

4 PM – Elemental Powers (pilot reading) – 3 Arts Stage

4 PM – Improv en espanol: personaje y trabajo de escena (workshop) – Second City Training Center

4:30 PM – Welcome to Boobtown – NBC Stage

5:30 PM – Virgin Barry (pilot reading) – 3 Arts Stage

6 PM – Farts in Church (sketch) – NBC Stage

7 PM – Matt Damon Improv (improv) & Heraldo (improv) – 3 Arts Stage

7:30 PM – Nite King (sketch) & White Women (improv) – NBC Stage

8:30 PM – Cómo se Dice (improv) & Obamas Other Daughters – 3 Arts Stage

9 PM – Ithamar Enriquez Variety Spectacular (variety) – NBC Stage

10 pM – Liz Behan (musical sketch) & Number One Son (improv) – 3 Arts Stage

10:30 PM – Tattoo Party hosted by Spanglish (variety) – NBC Stage

Saturday 10/19/19

12 PM – The Really Awesome Improv Show (improv) – NBC Stage

12 PM – Yes, A-ca And! How to be Your Own MD (workshop) – Second City Training Center

12:30 PM – Networking Workshop/Speed Networking (panel) – 3 Arts Stage

1 PM – Writing for Animation (workshop) – Nickelodeon Stage

1:30 PM – Sponsors Panel (panel) – NBC Stage

2 PM – Getting Approval from Mom & Dad (workshop) – Second City Training Center

2:30 PM – Let’s Get You on TV (panel) – 3 Arts Stage

3 PM – Glam Fam (sketch) & #WeToo (sketch) – NBC Stage

3 PM – Nickelodeon Panel Discussion + Nick Mixer (panel) – Nickelodeon Stage

4 PM – How to Write From Your POC POV (workshop) – Second City Training Center

4 PM – Soul Sista Comedy (musical sketch) & Sidebar (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage

4:30 PM – Katydids: From Improv Group to TV Show (panel) – NBC Stage

5:30 PM – Ryan Kristopik (musical sketch) & Individually We Are (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage

6 PM – The Black Pantherettes (sketch) & Essence (improv) – NBC Stage

7 PM – Prima Doñas (improv) & Los Feliz  – 3 Arts Stage

7 PM – Stand-Up Night Hosted by Valerie Tossi (stand-up) – Nickelodeon Stage

8 PM – The Katydids (improv) & Queerwolves (improv) – NBC Stage

8:30 PM – Girl + Gang Live! (sketch) & Pitch, Please (music improv) – 3 Arts Stage

8:30 PM – The Black Version (improv) – Nickelodeon Stage

9:30 PM – New Jack Bomb Diggity Comedy Joint (stand-up) – NBC Stage

10 PM – Stand-Up Night Hosted by Miranda Soriano (stand-up) – 3 Arts Stage

10 PM – Queer Window (variety) – Nickelodeon Stage

10:30 PM – Mama’s Boy (improv) – NBC Stage

Sunday 10/20/19

12 PM – Held2gether (music improv) & A Tribe Called Jest (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage

12 PM – Allies (workshop) – Second City Training Center

12:30 PM – Comedy Shorts Finalists Screening (screening) – NBC Stage

1:30 PM – ESL (improv) & Pickard and Simms (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage

2 PM – Holy Skit (sketch) & Whack Mirror (sketch) – NBC Stage

2 PM – Women of Color Improv (workshop) – Second City Training Center

3 PM – ZoeRed (improv) & Pumps (improv) – 3 Arts Stage

3:30 PM – No Shoes Allowed (sketch) & Triumph (improv) – NBC Stage

4:30 PM – The Girls Next Door (sketch) & Black Don’t Crack (improv) – 3 Arts Stage

6 PM – Room to Improv (improv) & Arroz con Pho (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage

6:30 PM – Pretentious About Make Believe (sketch) & Black People (improv) – NBC Stage


One Nickelodeon Stage ticket gets you into all three of the following shows on Friday night!

•7:00PM (cc)Stand-Up 
•8:30PM (cc)Queer Window with Umpo Series (Variety)
•10:00PM (cc)The Black Version (Improv)


(cc)The Black Version
Give us a movie title and we’ll give you The Black Version. Rolling Stone magazine calls the show “Hot” and the cast a “Comedic A-Team,” LA Weekly says the show is “Red Hot” and “Scores more than its share of belly laughs,” while the LA Times calls the show “A Winner”! Returning to the festival for the second year in a row, The Black Version is an all-African-American cast that includes show creator Jordan Black along with comedy veterans Phil LaMarr, Nyima Funk, Gary Anthony Williams, Daniele Gaither, and Cedric Yarbrough, cast is subject to change, all under the direction of Karen Maruyama.

(cc) Queer Window with UMPO Series

QUEER WINDOW is celebration of QUEER community and culture. This comedic variety show features some of LA’s top LGBTQ+ acts doing improv, drag, stand-up, music, dance, or whatever their little queer hearts can think of. This show is fun for everyone! Twinks, twunks, bears, Carebears, STRAIGHTS, allies, Bob Fosse, butch queens, THE Queen, etc… The only rule is that this is a safe space so no frowns, but we do encourage the wearing of GOWNS. So throw open the curtains and experience the extravaganza that is QUEER WINDOW!!


(cc) Stand-Up Night Hosted by: Valerie Tossi

Featuring: Annick Adelle, Lynn Maleh, Angela Augustus, Alexis Bradby, Martin Phillips, Vince Caldera, Jared Goldstein, and Mary Jane French


The Bob Curry Fellowship is a tuition free, professional development master program, sponsored by NBC, and named for the first African-American performer on a Second City resident stage. These actors and improvisers have studied with us for 14 weeks to create an all original show, culminating in their performance at LADCF. This is our 2nd Annual Bob Curry Showcase, please come support these extraordinary performers on Thursday, Oct 17th at 9pm! The fellows are (in alphabetical order) TBA
Below are the 2019 Inaugural Bob Curry Fellows. If you’re interested in this amazing scholarship program,
you can find more info on it HERE to get involved and submit during the 2020 submission window. 

Thursday 10/17/19

7 PM – THE LATINX COMEDY PACHANGA (variety) – 3 Arts Stage


7:30 PM – BOB CURRY SHOWCASE (showcase) – NBC Stage
This showcase will feature Second City archived sketches, improvisation, and original material performed by our 2019 Bob Curry fellows: Alex Dominguez, Bobby August, David Luna, Farbod Kadkhoda, Oscar Ramirez, Quincy Cho, Rosena Cornet, Serenity Garcia, Jeremy Harlin, Josephine Leffner, Kaye Winks, Mayur Chauhan, Teri Gamble, Tiwana Floyd, Tress Glenn, and Xchel Hernandez-Zendejas.

8:30 PM – BLACKVERSE (sketch) & GRINGOS (improv) – 3 Arts Stage
BlackVerse is a variety sketch show that is so original and a fresh take on the black experience, We had to make it,it’s on universe. BlackVerse is a dope mix of live, video, and stand-up comedy,Imagine, If you took FX’s “Atlanta” and then “Chappelle’s Show” and “SNL” what would that look like? Anyway, BlackVerse Un-apologetically funny for everyone! ENTER THE BLACKVERSE.

“Chisme” is the latest gossip, and don’t act like you don’t want it. Gringos, your favorite all Latinx improv team, brings you improv based on audience chisme… fuego!

10 PM – SICK BOY (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage
During the anal stage, Freud proposed that one’s pleasure and conflict is centered in the anal area. An anal-expulsive person is still fixated on said stage. They’re messy and rebellious – the person who wants to share things with you. I’ll believe that when I feel it on my ass.

10:30 PM – I DREAMED A DREAM (sketch) – NBC Stage

Friday 10/18/19

1 PM – EMPOWERING UNDERREPRESENTED CHARACTERS (workshop) – Second City Training Center
Matt Damon Improv will lead workshop participants through exercises and coached scenes that will help improvisers recognize their character status habits, grow within the scene, and empower their character.

2:30 PM – LEGAL ALIENS (pilot reading) – 3 Arts Stage


4 PM – ELEMENTAL POWERS (pilot reading) – 3 Arts Stage


4 PM – IMROV EN ESPAÑOL  PERSONAJE Y TRABAJO DE ESCENA (workshop) – Second City Training Center
This workshop is taught completely in Spanish and the focus is finding character and how those characters play in scenes. Whether Spanish is your first or second language, you will be able to see how the quality of your characters changes when you switch languages. This is a safe and fun environment to explore that and put those characters to work in grounded 2 person scenes and in some group games. Fluency in Spanish is required to be able to engage fully in this workshop.

Welcome to Boobtown takes you on an adventure through the female experience as two little boys follow a magical map and a mystical bra to the mythical place known as Boobtown. Come see the show that’s basically Goonies if Goonies had singing, dancing, and lots of farts.

5:30 PM – VIRGIN BARRY (pilot reading) – 3 Arts Stage


6 PM – FARTS IN CHURCH (sketch) – NBC Stage


7 PM – MATT DAMON IMPROV (improv) & HERALDO (improv) – 3 Arts Stage
Matt Damon Improv is a satirical improv group comprised of all women of color “slaying improv comedy,” sometimes featuring a special guest white male(Matt Damon) or female (Lena Dunham) improv comedy veteran who can only speak when repeating things that the women of Matt Damon Improv have already said in the show – forcing the guest Matt Damon/Lena Dunham to really listen and take a baby step in a woman of color’s shoes.

Heraldo is the long-running team of veteran, Spanish-speaking improvisers bringing heightened physical and emotional comedy that even non-speakers will enjoy: “Improv in Spanish, Laughs in English!” They host an all-Latinx variety hour the last Wednesday of every month at Second City Hollywood.

7:30 PM – NITE KING (sketch) & WHITE WOMEN (improv) – NBC Stage
Nite King is a wild, fun, and eccentric sketch team out of Hollywood, Ca. They will not only keep you on your toes with some rapid fire bits, but will keep you laughing for their whole set, with a wide variety of characters, sketchs, and musical adaptations, Nite King will leave you wanting more.

White Women is a group of 6 black men who do improv in Los Angeles. The name has no special meaning, we just thought it was funny. Thanks for coming!

8:30 PM – CÓMO SE DICE (improv) & OBAMA’S OTHER DAUGHTERS – 3 Arts Stage

Get the fiesta started, because Arizona’s only Spanish-speaking improv team is here! ¿Cómo se Dice? performs fast-paced long-form improv and they do it all en espanñol!

Obama’s Other Daughters is an all Black, female improv formation from Los Angeles, California and comprised of UCB and Groundlings trained improvisers Maame-Yaa Aforo, Ashley Holston, Shakira Paye, and Yazmin Monet Watkins. Check out their Comedy Central Digital series! Their goal: comedy that shows varied and authentic representations of Black women. You down with OOD?

Join your host Ithamar Enriquez (Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Lady Bird, Key and Peele, Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm) as he presents a night of variety acts that showcases some of the best in stand up, music, magic, puppetry and all the etc’s you can think of!

10 PM – ONE WOMAN AT DUSK (musical sketch) & NUMBER ONE SON (improv) – 3 Arts Stage
Starring Laura de la Fuente, Liz Behan: One Woman at Dusk is a solo sketch comedy show that brings together elements of Laura’s own life – queer and latinx identity, absurdism, short fingernails, and family relationships. Liz wants you to strap in… as she tells you the tale of a big ole country dyke.

Number One Son is an all Asian-American, female improv team known for their high energy, off-the-wall comedy. They’re loud. They’re rambunctious. And they’re rowdy. Strap in because it’s going to be one crazy ride.

Spanglish presents: “Tattoo Party”
Do you have tattoos or are you too scared to get one? Whichever it is, get ready for permanent laughs! This unique show consists of comedy sketches, stand up comedians, live music, dancing, and improvisation based on the world of tattoos. The first-ever comedy show hosted by a tattoo artist and friends. Who knows you just might even leave with a tattoo of your own… Buzz-Buzz

Saturday 10/19/19

The Really Awesome Improv Show is every Saturday & Sunday at 12 noon. This fast paced and high energy improv comedy show plays at The Second City in Hollywood, it’s a fun for all ages show celebrating an 8yr run! The Really Awesome Improv Show features improv games that rely on audience suggestions and participation, very “Whose Line is it Anyway,” but 100% family friendly, and voted “Best Kids’ Comedy Show” by LA Magazine. There’s a rotating cast so you’ll see different faces and games each week, and for only $5 it’s the best deal in town. RAIS is also great for birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañeras and family outings!

12 PM – YES, A-CA AND! HOW TO BE YOUR OWN MD (workshop) – Second City Training Center
Matt Damon improv will lead workshop participants through exercises and coached scenes that will help improvisers recognize their character status habits, grow within the scene, and empower their character.


1 PM – WRITING FOR ANIMATION (workshop) – Nickelodeon Stage
Ever been told you think or better yet act like a child? Well maybe you should write like one too! In this workshop, we will look at the difference between storyboard driven and script based animation shows.

1:30 PM – SPONSORS PANEL (panel) – NBC Stage

2 PM – GETTING APPROVAL FROM MOM & DAD (workshop) – Second City Training Center
Really, a workshop on finding your voice, telling your story, and checking your gut. We all still work. Some of us have families. We don’t have all the answers to what lies ahead, because it is uncertain, but what we do have is community.

2:30 PM – LET’S GET YOU ON TV (panel) – 3 Arts Stage


3 PM – GLAM FAM (sketch) & #WETOO (sketch) – NBC Stage
Starring Glam Fam’s Linzy Beltran, Linzy with a Z takes us on a musical and sketch comedy journey dealing with duality, her culture and an ass that just won’t quit. These little glimpses of her life through the lens of a first-generation American that doesn’t quite fit in.

#WeToo is an original sketch show that examines the current state of life in our society. Are you trying to get ahead? We are too! Do you feel overwhelmed at times? We too! Regardless of political views, religious beliefs, or social class standing, we can all use a good laugh. Join the Movement!

3 PM – Nickelodeon Panel Discussion + Nick Mixer (panel) – Nickelodeon Stage


4 PM – HOW TO WRITE FROM YOUR POC POV (workshop) – Second City Training Center
In this workshop, we’ll learn how to mine from our personal experiences, backgrounds, cultures, and histories to write deeply personal sketches that are true to our unique POC experiences in America.

4 PM – SOUL SISTA COMEDY (musical sketch) & SIDEBAR (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage
Sidebar Sketch is a Chicago-based ensemble of diverse and bold women. Our comedy often explores ideas of intersectional feminism in a non-annoying, subversive, and humorous way. If that sounds good to you, follow them on Instagram @sidebarsketch for lots of great content!


5:30 PM – RYAN KRISTOPIK (musical sketch) & INDIVIDUALLY WE ARE (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage
Ryan Kristopik: New York’s Hottest Comedian singing his hottest songs in front of the hottest audience (including you). Give him your attention? Please!

The hit grad revue of the March-April season is back! We are Individually We Are! But individually we are: Jeannette Franco, Moriah Garcia, Serenity Garcia, Dan King, Jackie Moore, Melissa Taylor, and Trevor Waggoner. Originally directed by Dave Colan and Musical Direction by Eric Schackne.

6 PM – THE BLACK PANTHERETTES (sketch) & ESSENCE (improv) – NBC Stage
The Black Pantherettes is a shea butter filled, musical, sketch comedy show written and performed by an all-black female troupe. The Black Pantherettes channels Michelle Obama, Beyonce, and Oprah, to fight the powers that be and slay all day! Sketches range in topics from politics, reparations, pop culture, and black culture. From R. Kelly to Trump to Kim Kardashian, we aren’t afraid of any subject. Founded by writer-director Lauren Vernea (UCB, The PIT), the 5 person sketch group has performed at UCB NYC and is a resident at The People’s Improv Theater NYC (The PIT).

Essence is an all African American, female group that serves up the funny with elegance, class and style. Hang on to the edge of your seat for some unexpected, in yo’ face humor that’ll keep you laughing and make you think.

7 PM – PPRIMA DOÑAS (improv) & LOS FELIZ  – 3 Arts Stage
Prima Doñas is a super troupe of some Austin’s finest Latinx improvisers. Known for their three-time sold-out MainStage run at ColdTowne Theater as Latinauts, these goofy improvisers take you on a wild Spanglish ride that you will never pinche forget.

Los Feliz: Long form improv en español featuring fluent (and mostly fluent) Latinx performers. You don’t have to understand Spanish to enjoy this show! You may even learn some! ¡Pero si hablas español será mas divertido!

7 PM – STAND-UP NIGHT HOSTED BY VALERIE TOSSI (stand-up) – Nickelodeon Stage

Annick Adelle

Lynn Maleh is a first generation Syrian standup, who performs all over Los Angeles and NYC and hosts two monthly shows (Wolf Den Comedy and Dirt Pit Lounge). She’s been on Good Heroin, The Westside Comedy Festival, The Hollywood Improv, and one time on Law and Order SVU by accident.

Hailing from Ipswich, UK, Angela Augustus is a former teen mum turned comic. She draws her humor from her questionable decision making, everyday observations, and her english heritage. She is unapologetically shameless which makes for a cringeworthy time!

Alexis Bradby is a stand-up comedian who has been performing stand-up since her sophomore year at the University of Southern California. She is highly energetic and nothing makes her happier than bringing laughter to others by sharing her unique take on life. Alexis can be seen performing all over Los Angeles.

Martin Phillips is a disabled comedian from DC. He tells jokes about his every day life and observations hoping to relate to the audience and prove we are all similar.

Vince Caldera shares his unique perspective as a young, second-generation Latino, struggling to retain his identity in a community overcome by gentrification.

Jared Goldstein

Mary Jane French is a transplant to Los Angeles from Richmond, VA. She has opened for Cameron Esposito, Rory Scovel, Brandie Posey, and Sara Schaefer. She has performed on festivals across the country including the Burning Bridges Comedy Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, Women in Comedy Festival, Portland Queer Comedy Festival, Charm City Comedy Festival, The Bechdel Test Festival, The All Jane Comedy Festival and Baltimore XFest. In 2018 Thrillist.com named Mary Jane the best undiscovered comedian from Virginia.

8 PM – THE KATYDIDS (improv) & QUEERWOLVES (improv) – NBC Stage

8:30 PM – GIRL + GANG LIVE! (sketch) & PITCH, PLEASE (music improv) – 3 Arts Stage
Girl + Gang Live! is a Brooklyn-based comedy show hosted by Leah Rae Hulgin. Comics perform and discuss the latest hot topics in pop culture and news.

Pitch, Please! creates a fully improvised, a cappella, one-act musical. When it comes time to sing, the improvisers create all the accompaniment they need with their own vocal cords. If you liked Pitch Perfect, you’ll love Pitch, Please! If you hated Pitch Perfect, your opinion is wrong.

8:30 PM – THE BLACK VERSION (improv) – Nickelodeon Stage
Give us a movie title and we’ll give you The Black Version. Rolling Stone magazine calls the show “Hot” and the cast a “Comedic A-Team,” LA Weekly says the show is “Red Hot” and “Scores more than its share of belly laughs,” while the LA Times calls the show “A Winner”! Returning to the festival for the second year in a row, The Black Version is an all-African-American cast that includes show creator Jordan Black along with comedy veterans Phil LaMarr, Nyima Funk, Gary Anthony Williams, Daniele Gaither, and Cedric Yarbrough, cast is subject to change, all under the direction of Karen Maruyama.

Aw, snap! We back in da hizz-ouse! The New Jack Bomb Diggity Comedy Joint is an improvised 90s stand up show. Yo’ favorite fly comics slangin’ dope jokes skraight off the dome cause YOU pick the set list. 3 comics. 3 sets. 3 scenes. ALL improvised. ALL sistahs cuz WOMEN. BE. JOKING.

Ai Yoshiahara, otherwise known as the Japanese Feminist, decided to leave Japan because, well feminists don’t exist in Japan.She came to America to express her opinions. After she lost her younger sister and biggest fan, to suicide 9 years ago, she realized life is too short.It was after this life changing experience. She decided to devote herself to Stand Up Comedy.

Saffron Herndon is a Texas based stand up comedian who has been seen on Stand Up Empire and the Today Show. She has performed at Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas and Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans, LA among many others. She is not scared to share her feelings on anything from politics and religion to her distaste for her public school and parents’ flaws. Although hearing her material is akin to conversing with a mature adult her youthful take on these adult topics will astound any audience and leave them wanting to hear more.

Jenny Burnett is a comedian and writer making her mark in the LA comedy scene. She is a bold comic who’s witty reflections on everyday life, delivered in her unique and dry fashion, make her comedy relatable to diverse audiences. She has performed at the Comedy Store and Second City.

Kojo Prince is a guy from Jersey with one job, to make you LAUGH! No matter how extreme or far out it may be as long as you leave smiling, his job is done! He is not witty, clever or thought provoking..his jokes are that of the every day man..or woman..or both (gotta cover all bases these days). His humor is fast paced, silly, superficial and usually over the top with act outs and funny faces. Drawn from his unique life experiences and observations..he spoon feeds you the funny so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Cindy Rivers: Standup comedy that is accidentally educational. Fun, funny, and a little different.

Andy Lomeli is a comedian from the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. He is a founding member of the all-Latinx improv team, Arroz Con Pocho, and can also be found Fridays at The Second City-Hollywood as a member of the house improv team, Strangers.

Hamza Khan: Pakistani-American stand up comedian shares his immigration story through comedy.

​Binish Uzma aka “Nishy,” is a stand-up comedian and self-described “brown valley girl.” A Southern California native, she shamelessly uses her observations through her brown filter with smart comedy. She’s performed stand up at Flappers Comedy Club, The Tao of Comedy Studio, and The Improv Space.

10 PM – QUEER WINDOW (variety) – Nickelodeon Stage
Queer Window is celebration of QUEER community and culture. This comedic variety show features some of LA’s top LGBTQ+ acts doing improv, drag, stand-up, music, dance, or whatever their little queer hearts can think of. This show is fun for everyone! Twinks, twunks, bears, Carebears, STRAIGHTS, allies, Bob Fosse, butch queens, THE Queen, etc… The only rule is that this is a safe space so no frowns, but we do encourage the wearing of GOWNS. So throw open the curtains and experience the extravaganza that is QUEER WINDOW!!

10:30 PM – MAMA’S BOY (improv) – NBC Stage

 Sunday 10/20/19

12 PM – HELD2GETHER (music improv) & A TRIBE CALLED JEST (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage
Intrigue! Deception! Breaking into song! You’ll play voyeur to all the drama when Held2gether, based on your suggestions, unleashes the one and the only Unscripted Soap Opera Musical!

A Tribe Called Jest is a mix of diverse peoples, from diverse backgrounds. Like a phoenix rising from the cigarette ashes of failed Improv troupes, The Tribe was formed. When asked if we would make serious comedy, we said, “Surely you jest. We are A Tribe Called Jest.” Comedy is not safe.

12 PM – ALLIES (workshop) – Second City Training Center
The do’s and don’ts for on stage acting/improv. This is a crash course on what is appropriate between men and women on stage.
“Don’t know what is going too far with a person of the opposite sex on stage? We will cover topics about physicality ,the differences between genders in scenes, mansplaning, demanding/ “teaching” scenes, high status/low status, and theater etiquette.

Theater etiquette: what’s appropriate attire, character talk, respect, etc.

Internet Court
Internet Court is a short film about a ruthless internet troll. From career-ending LinkedIn posts to life-ruining Yelp posts, Abi’s online tomfoolery knows no bounds. However, in a world where online misconduct isn’t tolerated, she must confront her online targets face-to-face in this satirical courtroom drama.

The Curse

Tight Spot

In Case of Emergency
(A short film and pilot pitch) In an attempt at functioning adulthood, mismatched 30-somethings, Lu and Andy, list each other as emergency contacts for life’s disasters, big and small.

OTHER is a short film about a black woman who struggles with her feelings as she navigates white spaces in the aftermath of the white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia. As a black woman, mother, and wife, she must face unconcerned neighbors, unaware colleagues, and clueless strangers who make containing her hurt, rage, and sorrow almost unbearable. A chance meeting with a barista offers her only respite.

At First Sight


Six Pack
Six Pack is a short film about a Russell. Russell really loves beer.

Mixed Signals
A man and a woman misunderstand each other.


1:30 PM – ESL (improv) & PICKARD AND SIMMS (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage
ESL is five good friends who love to improvise together.
We come from diverse backgrounds and cultures and even three different countries but one thing we have in common is that we love each other, we love to laugh together, and we love to make other people laugh with and at us.
We have been performing around LA for the past 8 years . We are currently coached by Jason

Pickard and Simms: Femme Fatales, Stooges and Clowns. OH MY! Join us for this journey of self acceptance and non-sense.

2 PM – Holy Skit (sketch) & Whack Mirror (sketch) – NBC Stage
Hold on to your Jesus handles, because here we go again. It’s Holy Skit! A cast starring all of God’s children.

Whack Mirror is an original Sketch Comedy Revue at the Second City Hollywood. Comedy needs an upgrade. Join us and witness the future in all of its horrifying and hilarious glory.

2 PM – WOMEN OF COLOR IMPROV (workshop) – Second City Training Center
A characters workshop that focuses on Women of Color trusting their funny that comes from their own unique cultural perspective.

3 PM – ZOERED (improv) & PUMPS (improv) – 3 Arts Stage
ZoeRed: Zoe and Jared are insightful, charming, and goofy as hell. As performers, Zoe and Jared have been on multiple iO Chicago Harold teams, a CiC House Team, and are alumni of the Second City’s HouseCo. They love to make each other break.

An all-female improv comedy group. 4 Boobs, 1 Heart
Pumps is:
Alex Rose Wiesel
Kathrynn Cobbs
Julia Mack
Ramona Czernek
Born in the fires of iO West, this all female group uses their friendship (and long form training) to create fast and funny scenes based on speed dating an audience member. 2017 Del Close Best Non Harold Team, and one of the first all-female teams to perform weekly at the late iO West.

3:30 PM – NO SHOES ALLOWED (sketch) & TRIUMPH (improv) – NBC Stage
Five Asian Americans banded together to disappoint our parents yet again. We are excited to present our uprising guilt for your enjoyment. Please take your shoes off before you enter! “Sorry, Mom & Dad, we love you.” – Us

4:30 PM – THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR (sketch) & BLACK DON’T CRACK (improv) – 3 Arts Stage
The Girls Next Door: We’ve collectively had 20 different neighbors in our lifetimes…yet no one wants us to play “the girl next door.” Weird, right? Find out what else is puzzling us strong, black, ingenues in this comedic cabaret by Jacklyn Uweh and Braxton Brooks.

Black Don’t Crack was formed by the common desire to engage in comedic activities and essential oil swaps. Formed at Second City, Hollywood, they realized the need for a unique POV that didn’t rely on tokenism. Their mantra: “Keep hope alive, stay black, and can’t we all just get along?”

6 PM – ROOM TO IMPROV (improv) & ARROZ CON PHO (sketch) – 3 Arts Stage
Room to Improv is an Asian-American improvisational theatre group that serves the LA community… and beyond! For 17 years, we have entertained audiences with our short-form stylings and long-form sensibilities. Our mission: create space for Asian-American performers to build their artistry and slay audiences along the way.

Arroz con Pho is a character and sketch show written and hosted by Ruby Marez and Kimberly Truong – comedy writers and performers based in Los Angeles. You may have seen their work at UCB, The Ruby LA, iO West, Comedy Central Stage, The Magnet Theater, and more.

Pretentious About Make Believe: An incisive and silly sketch comedy show about burglary, parenting, road rage, racism, misogyny, and FlavorTown. See five of LA’s most hilarious comedians at the historic Second City Hollywood. Comedy so lit you’ll be telling your friends, “Wow, the lighting was great.”

Black People: An LA-based group of veteran black improvisors with training and experience from Second City Chicago MainStage and e.t.c. Stage, iO Chicago, UCB LA, and Groundlings Theater.
They can be seen on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superstore, Mixed-ish, Key & Peele, Modern Family, CollegeHumor, Chicago Fire, House of Lies, and more.














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