Jordan Peele Talks Great Improv & Meeting 'M@therfu*&er' Keegan-Michael Key

By The Second City | Feb 20, 2018

Oscar nominee Jordan Peele recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on how his follow-up to the smash hit "Get Out" is going, the "masochistic" nature of improv, and how he got his start in comedy.

Peele also opened up about what makes for great improv and how he met Keegan-Michael Key at The Second City.

On improv:

"I like to think that any one of us can train and become a great improviser. It's almost like if you would imagine being born with a musical instrument that's unique to you, that no one's ever seen before. You know, someone can train a bunch of people how to play music, but you can only learn what your specific technique is and your style is...The really good improvisers, and there are some really amazing ones out there, are listening, are engaged with their partner and are really trying to craft something beautiful in its spontaneous collaboration."

On falling in comedy love with Keegan-Michael Key at Second City:

"...all of a sudden, I am performing in the next room from Keegan-Michael Key, who I had heard about, but I had never met. And all I heard is you have to see this guy....he just has this energy like no one I had ever seen and since in all of comedy. It's like, you know, there's a couple people who have that kinetic energy that somehow still feels true. And he had that. And, I was just in awe, and you know, maybe a little bit of like, 'Oh, this motherfucker is good.'"

Watch Peele & Key compete in the workplace long before they were "Key & Peele":

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