Auditions & Opportunities

Throughout the year we have a variety of auditions, programming, and special opportunities.

Please note that some of these events will be delivered online.


Coached Ensembles

The Coached Ensembles program is an exciting opportunity to be cast in a four-week show run. Shows consist of 13-15-minute improv sets performed by the Ensembles. Each run is also accompanied by a faculty team that hosts the shows and concludes each show with their own set. This is…

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Conservatory Auditions

Students must complete the equivalent of one year of improv training at The Second City (Improv Levels 1-5 or Improv for Actors 1&2) to audition for Conservatory. It is also recommended (but not required) that Second City students take at least one acting course before auditioning for Conservatory….

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Writing 6 Show Auditions

The Writing 6 class is holding actor auditions for their final shows. The actors will be featured in the show run for this class. Current and former students are invited to audition. We recommend auditioners have completed at least Improv 3 or be part of our Conservatory or Acting…

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Grad Revue 1 Auditions

Students MUST have completed Conservatory Levels 1 through 3 at The Second City in order to be eligible to audition for Grad Revue 1. No other classes can be accepted and no exceptions will be made. 

If you are currently in Conservatory 3, you will automatically receive an…

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Musical Improv Conservatory Auditions

The Musical Improv Program is for improvisers who love creating musical scenes, and are excited to use music in their comedy career. The Second City uses songs and musical improv on all of it’s stages, and learning how to do it is a lot of fun! Students who complete…

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