Improv Program

The Improv Program is a complete foundation in the principles of scenic improvisation as practiced at The Second City. Based in the work of Viola Spolin, this program covers all elements of the improvisational process. Students begin with ensemble, environment, and object work and end by rehearsing and performing their own fully improvised show.

Please note that some of these classes will be delivered online.

Drop-in Class

Improv Drop-in (In-Person)

Thinking about trying improv? Our in-person drop-in classes are the perfect non-committal taste. No prior experience is necessary for these fun, relaxed introductions to some of the skills of improvised comedy. Meet new people, learn games & exercises and share 90-minutes of laughs each time you join us.

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Musical Improv Drop-in (In-Person)

Is there a song in your heart that you would love to explore? Join us for a taste of musical improv! Learn improv skills and games through a musical lens while meeting new people in a fun and supportive environment. No experience is necessary to participate in this playful 90…

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Improv 1 - 5

Improv 1

Improv 1 introduces students to the fundamental concept of “Yes, And” in improvisation. Through group exercises and games, students will explore impulse & spontaneity, listening, being present in the moment, taking risks, finding agreement (making & accepting offers) and other basic building blocks of improvisation, all in a supportive environment…

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Improv 2

Improv 2 introduces students to the skills needed for character work, an element essential to dynamic improvised scenes. Students will explore creating characters through internal motivations like point of view, status, wants & intentions – as well as external ones like physicality and relationships to other characters. They…

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Improv 3

Improv 3 takes the character work from Improv 2 and places it in the context of other key elements of dynamic scenes: who/what/where, beginnings & middles, platforms, setting, intro to tilts/routine breaking,  and heightening….

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Improv 4

Improv 4 broadens the focus to include the audience in the experience. Where Improv 3 sets the table with the elements of basic scene structure, Improv 4 deepens this work – adding an emphasis on stakes, resolutions and clear scenic objectives for games. Incorporating audience suggestions and playing with an…

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Improv 5

In this performance-oriented level, students will be introduced to hosting skills, game set-ups and techniques for more effectively integrating the audience into their shows. With a focus on advanced games & handles, this level will provide students with a strong basis for performing short form improvisation that marries substance &…

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Improv for Actors

Improv for Actors 1

In today’s entertainment industry, improv and the ability to work without a script has become an essential tool not only for rehearsal, but for performance on screen and stage, as well as auditioning. Improv for Actors 1 is for people interested in how to be a better actor. IFA-1 is…

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Improv for Actors 2

Like the first level, Improv for Actors 2 helps trained and post-grad actors who are interested in further exploring improvisation and learn how to be a better actor. However, IFA-2 also empowers these actors with the tools for advancement in the improv community. Completion of Improv for Actors 2 fulfills…

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Advanced Improv

Big Choices Bootcamp with Ted Hambly

Stuck in a scene and not sure what to do? Have you and your scene partner lost energy and confidence in what is going on? Big Choices Bootcamp will give you the tools and practice to be able to invest and then reinvest in your offers, scenework and partners in…

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Notes! Notes! Notes!

A space for experienced improvisers to work through a high volume of improvised scenes with a focus on individual feedback and scenic exercises specifically designed to take each player’s performance to the next level.
Course topics include:
  • Improvising from premise
  • Grounding big characters in…

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Improv for Anxiety

Improv for Anxiety 1

A 7 week intro to the Art of Improvisation and how it can offer tools to deal with your social anxiety.

This innovative class uses ensemble-based improv to help people with social anxiety disorder overcome fear and avoidance associated with work, school, and family life. A Second City Training Centre instructor…

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Improv for Anxiety 2

This innovative class uses ensemble-based improv to help people with social anxiety disorder overcome fear and avoidance associated with work, school, and family life. Building on the “Yes, And” foundation of level 1, Improv for Anxiety 2 continues to gently navigate key triggers for social anxiety – this time with…

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Improv for Anxiety 3

This innovative class uses ensemble-based improv to help people with social anxiety disorder overcome fear and avoidance associated with work, school, and family life. Improv for Anxiety 3 continues to encourage mindfulness and “being present in the moment” while gently taking students deeper into the improv skill set used to…

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Improv for Anxiety 4

Improv for Anxiety 4 reinforces the skills needed for strong scene work.

Students explore advanced-level scene work. They focus on synthesizing all the elements that go into strong, well-rounded, dynamic scenes: character, emotion, ensemble, environment, relationship, status, transformation, and more. Students also continue to learn how to improvise group scenes, and…

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Improv for Autism

Improv for Autism offers a class in improv for teens and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Classes will focus on ensemble and team building to help with the exploration of different relationships and social cues. Improvisational games used in this class will teach the students skills such as accessing emotions…

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Humor Doesn't Retire

Our Humor Doesn’t Retire program is for people 55 and older who are interested in meeting new people and learning the art of improvisation. Have you always loved comedy? Do people tell you you’re funny? Do you just want to do something active and have fun with other people? Then…

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Improv Online

Hosting 101 (Online)

A class to get more improvisers comfortable hosting improv shows – setting up improv games, keeping the show moving forward and keeping the energy up. Hosting: the ultimate way to make your partners look good!

Prerequisite: Improv 3/C or equivalent education

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