The Conservatory Program

Welcome to the Conservatory! This advanced six-level program is dedicated to the art of utilizing improvisation as a tool to create a Second City-style revue, the cornerstone of The Second City Training Center. Students in the Conservatory program build upon the fundamentals of improv, advance their scenic and character skills, explore forms and styles and learn how to turn improvised scenes into written material for a satiric comedy revue.

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Conservatory Auditions

Students must complete the equivalent of one year of improv training at The Second City (Improv Levels 1-5 or Improv for Actors 1&2) to audition for Conservatory. It is also recommended (but not required) that Second City students take at least one acting course before auditioning for Conservatory. Detailed audition…

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Conservatory 1

Conservatory level 1 is a deep dive into the Second City archives. Students study and analyze classic sketches to familiarize themselves with the satirical styles and genres presented on our resident stages across the years.

Students learn how to perform sketch by exploring the comedic structure of some of Second City’s…

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Conservatory 2

Armed with a better understanding of what goes into the creation of a Second City sketch, from improvisation to written scene, students in Level 2 build upon their own skills as actors, improvisers and storytellers.

Students in Level 2 study advanced improv techniques with an aim toward creating strong scenic foundations…

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Conservatory 3

Conservatory Level 3 is dedicated to the study of the many different types of scenic styles that are employed in sketch creation.

Students learn to improvise with the goal of creating potential sketch ideas built upon the foundation of classic comedic styles such as Fish Out of Water or Town Hall…

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Grad Revue 1

For students who have completed a long journey through the study of improvisation and Second City sketch, the journey of creating their very own comedic sketch revue begins here.

In Grad Revue Level 1 students improvise through many forms and styles, including musical types. Students experience an introduction to rehearsal culture,…

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Grad Revue 2

The second level of the Grad Revue process is dedicated to shaping the material that’s been generated thus far as well as continuing to create new ideas. Students work with their director to further develop sketches that have grown from pitches or improvised discoveries into written scenes.

Students will learn the…

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Grad Revue 3

The final level of the Grad Revue process provides students with the opportunity to experience the active rehearsal process of putting up a Second City-style sketch revue.

Improvisers who have become writers now become actors as they finish shaping their scenes based on their director’s guidance and audience-tested preview performances. Students…

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