Acting Program

The Second City Acting Program uses improvisational techniques and various scripted media (including Second City archive material) to develop the fundamentals of grounded and compelling acting.  The tenets of Second City’s approach to sketch comedy are rooted in behavior, relationship, character, and emotion. Over the years, Second City alumni have taken these principles and applied them across stage, film, and television to create not only hilarious but heart-warming and dramatic awardwinning performances. This three-level program will also introduce students to core acting techniques and methods for working with scripts. The Second City Acting program is recommended for improvisers looking to develop their acting technique and performance, or for actors with littletono experience to stretch new muscles in their acting toolbox.   


Acting 1

Welcome to the Second City Acting Program! Whether you’re interested in acting or improvisation, we know that one of the keys to success is being present, connected, and grounded in the emotional reality of the moment. In a Second City mainstage revue, the comedy doesn’t just come from the…

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Acting 2

ACTING 2: Character 

Character work is the core of great comedy and storytelling. Understanding your character’s motivations and how they express themselves is paramount for any actor. Creating a character in close collaboration with writers, directors, and fellow actors, can be the most generative part of the actor’s…

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Acting 3

For over 60 years, The Second City has been archiving scripts and video from all of the resident stage revues. In this class, students will be assigned scenes and monologues from this collection to workshop and perform. When actors are handed a script, before they can start thinking about character…

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Voiceover 101 (On-demand)

Join Kathleen Puls Andrade for an intensive look at the Voiceover industry and learn the skills needed to make it in this competitive field. You’ll be getting behind the mic (or phone, or laptop) to read scripts and get coaching and evaluation of your work. Then you’ll take the direction…

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Advanced Voiceover (On-demand)

Join Kathleen Puls Andrade for an intensive five week look at the voiceover industry and learn the skills needed to make it in this competitive field. This class is both recorded and interactive. You’ll be getting behind the mic (or phone, or laptop) to read scripts then post them in…

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Acting Online

Acting 101 – Fundamentals Through Genre (On-demand)

This class teaches a solid, fundamental approach to acting that can be applied to any style or genre of material. After establishing a core process, put it immediately into practice by tackling different styles of scripts each week. Students learn and discuss key elements in scripts, as well as submit…

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