Wellness & Community

The Wellness Program aims to create a nurturing and safe environment for people who are choosing to experience the personal and social benefits that the study of improv and commitment to ensemble can provide. Whether that be to promote self care, be with like-minded individuals, or to work toward a common goal, the Wellness Program exists for individuals who may want to use improv as a tool for something other than solely performance based goals. While the vast majority of Wellness Program participants are not joining The Second City with the intent to pursue a professional career in performance or comedy, all are welcome and encouraged to graduate on to other programs at The Second City.

Humor Doesn't Retire: Improv for Seniors

Humor Doesn't Retire

Our Humor Doesn’t Retire program is for people 55 and older who are interested in meeting new people and learning the art of improvisation. Have you always loved comedy? Do people tell you you’re funny? Do you just want to do something active and have fun with other people? Then…

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Improv for Anxiety

Improv for Anxiety Level A

Improv for Anxiety is an innovative program that includes an ensemble-based improv class and a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) based therapy group. The program is designed to help people with mild to moderate social anxiety and/or fear of public speaking manage their symptoms and reduce avoidance behaviors…

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Improv for Anxiety Level B

Improv Level B introduces students to the skills needed for character work, an element essential to dynamic improvised scenes.

Students learn how to improvise characters. They explore creating characters through internal motivations, like point of view, status, wants and intentions, and external ones, like experimenting with physicality. They learn how to…

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Improv for Anxiety Level C

Improv Level C introduces students to the skills needed for scene work, the backbone of what we do at The Second City. Strong, relationship-based scene work is the backbone of the work we do at The Second City. Students learn the skills crucial to scene work, including emotion, listening, and…

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Improv for Anxiety Level D

Improv for Anxiety Level D reinforces the skills needed for strong scene work.

Students explore advanced-level scene work. They focus on synthesizing all the elements that go into strong, well-rounded, dynamic scenes: character, emotion, ensemble, environment, relationship, status, transformation, and more. Students also continue to learn how to improvise group scenes,…

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Improv for Anxiety Level E

Improv for Anxiety Level E is the culmination of all skills learned in Levels A-D. The skills learned in this class help students succeed in future improv classes and performance, should they choose to pursue them.

Level E is all about performance. Students take everything they have learned in Levels A-D…

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Improv for ASD

Improv for Autism

Improv for Autism offers a class in improv for teens and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Classes will focus on ensemble and team building to help with the exploration of different relationships and social cues. Improvisational games used in this class will teach the students skills such as accessing emotions…

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Improv for Health Professionals

Mid-Life Crisis: Improv for Generations X & Y

Mid-Life Crisis Improv is for anyone ages 35-55 who wants to learn how to improvise, including people who want to do improv for fun, to better their professional skills, or to eventually pursue it professionally.

The Improv Program is a complete foundation in the principles of scenic improvisation as practiced at…

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

One-On-One Coaching

The Second City Training Center offers individual, customized coaching in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

Monologue prep
On-camera audition prep
Dialects Accent Coaching

Youth & Teen Coaching
Audition Prep
Monologue Prep

Advanced sketch critique
Screenplay & Sitcom coaching
Sketch Production (Coaching a group through their first production)
Sketch generation & critique…

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