Comedy Revues at The Second City

Comedy Revues at The Second City

The Second City has always been revered in the comedy world for its training center, improvisation techniques, world famous alums, and more. One of the most famous types of shows that they are known for having is a revue. Revues are a type of sketch show where there is a common theme throughout the entire show, even if there are different characters and sketches throughout. As it is The Second City, improv is included here and there, depending on the cast. When you are looking for shows in Chicago to see, a revue at The Second City is a must!

Shows in Chicago


From theatre tickets to concerts at Wrigley Field, the variety of shows in Chicago is massive. At The Second City alone, there are multiple stages and many shows to choose from. In addition, the shows are constantly rotating. Revues take place on our Mainstage or E.T.C. Theater, and are one of our main events. The cast changes with each revue, but most have been through many of our acting and improv programs, and have performed in other shows at The Second City. Revue alum include comedians such as Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Scott Adsit, and more!

Come See a Revue!


As mentioned previously, a revue is a sketch show that typically runs for about two hours. The sketches are often no longer than three minutes, with some being only thirty seconds long. This means that laughs are often, and many topics are touched on. These revues are great for any occasion, from a great work outing to a fun date night in Chicago. The best thing is, even if you see both revues that are currently running, new revues will start in the future! On the Mainstage alone, there have been over one hundred revues in the history of The Second City since it opened in 1959.

Comedy At Its Best


Coming to The Second City for shows in Chicago is a rite of passage, whether you are visiting for the weekend, just moved to the city, or have lived here for years! Though there are a variety of shows to choose from, our revues are a great way to experience sketch, improv, and upcoming comedians. Who knows? The performer you see today could be on Saturday Night Live next season!

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