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Level: 2

Writing 2 builds on the foundation for scenic comedy writing established in Writing 1 by expanding on scenic types, writing to cast and running order, and writing through collaboration. Writing 2 focuses on the construction of a sketch comedy revue running order. Students who understand the structure of a show are able to better write to the needs of a show and its cast. Writing 2 provides students with understanding of the different types of scenes found in a Second City-style sketch comedy revue. The lens of the course is focused on the Cast and the Characters. Understanding scenic formulas, writing to cast size, and character point-of-view. Students practice creating simple structures with relatable characters as they learn the building blocks of a sketch revue.Students in Writing 2 develop variety in their comedic scene creation by watching and analyzing a Second City-style revue and work on in-class exercises to write towards the need of a Second City running order. Students also work with one another to develop scenes as collaboration is a cornerstone of the Second City creation process.

Please note that this class will take place entirely online. You will be emailed a unique link for video conferencing the day of your class.

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06/25/24 - 08/06/24

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06/29/24 - 08/17/24

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Key Concepts:

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Revue Structure:

Learn scenic types to craft memorable scenes and create cohesive running orders.

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Develop sketches and running orders with a group of your creative peers.

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Character Development:

Idenitfy revue needs to create memorable character in dynamic scenes.

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Archival Study:

Analyze archival shows and apply learned techniques to your own Second City inspired running order.

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