Sketch Writing Level 3 (On-demand)

Level: 3

In Online Sketch Writing 3 you will continue building the blocks of a sketch revue! Explore sketch structures that “break the rules”, including blackouts and clothesline scenes. Expand your ability to collaborate with other writers as you learn the structure of a Second City sketch revue.

Class Work Examples: Week 2
1. Create a skillset scene based on one of the two skills you chose from the post directly below yours in the Discussion Board. Use that abundance work and take a big risk! Remember, no one is actually performing this, so you are free to write something wild. It doesn’t matter if the person who wrote the skill is a master or novice, or if you chose flame-throwing and the theater wouldn’t allow it.
Just write.

2. Freewrite for 10-15 minutes daily, and post those journals in the Journals Section.

Commitment: 2-3 hours per week, 8 weeks

Technical Requirements: Final Draft is always great, but sending scenes in PDF is required.

Recommended next level: Sketch Writing Level 4

Students of this on-demand class do not need to log in at a certain time or day (like our streaming class students do), as on-demand class content, exercises and assignments are available at your convenience with assignments due weekly. Weekly assignment due dates are unique to each on-demand class and are typically due Fridays, Saturday, or Sundays.

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05/04/24 - 06/22/24

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Major Concepts

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Specialty slots in a revue

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Blackouts and Extended Blackouts

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Duologues and Writing For Another Person

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