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Writing 6 is the culmination of the Writing Program guaranteeing the production and theatrical run of a Second City-style revue. Writing 6 focuses on producing a staged comedy sketch show by fulfilling production roles, writing to show and cast needs, and working with a director to mount a show properly and on time.
Students in Writing 6 continue to refine material produced in Writing 5 while continuing to generate material based on the needs of the cast and running order. Students learn how to work with actors and a director as class time is used as rehearsal for the creation of the show. Students experience production meetings to ensure that their show is produced efficiently and effectively.
Class time is used as rehearsal time geared towards creating and producing a final show. Students work directly with the cast and director to hone existing material and to provide additional sketches as needed. Students schedule and attend production meetings to make sure that the show is created and produced in an organized and expedient fashion.
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1 York Street Toronto ON M5J 0B6

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05/01/24 - 06/12/24

06:00 PM, 3 hours

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05/01/24 - 06/12/24

06:00 PM, 3 hours

Key Concepts:

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Theater & Production:

Students will plan, produce, and run a Second City inspired revue from ideation and casting, to tech rehearsals and show run.

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Show Development:

Students will collaborate to refine, rework, and produce a final show with actors, directors, music directors, and stage managers.

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Students will lead show promotion from art design to show description and deliver assets to SC production and Marketing departments.

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