Improv for Anxiety 5

Level: 5

Improv for Anxiety 5 is the culmination of all skills learned in Levels 1-4. The skills learned in this class help students succeed in future improv classes and performance, should they choose to pursue them.
Level 5 is all about performance. Students take everything they have learned in earlier levels of the program and use those skills to put together a fully improvised, 45-minute show for friends and family. They learn multiple aspects of improv performance, including communicating with an audience, engaging in a rehearsal process, and introducing, running and executing their own show.
Students revisit improvised performance games they learned in levels 1-4, as well as learn brand new games. The focus in Level 5 is on performing those games for an audience. Students also learn how to introduce games and call the end of them. With instructor guidance and feedback, students engage in a rehearsal process for a show they eventually run themselves.
Improv for Anxiety Level 5 meets once a week for three hours over a seven week term. There is a 45-minute performance for an audience at the end of the term.
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230 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL

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Key Concepts:

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Performance Skills:

In a safe and nurturing environment, students will practice performances to show case improv and communication skills.

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Crowd Work:

Students learn to navigate formats that include audience member participation, as well as skills needed to host, introduce, and perform games for audiences.

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Students will use teamwork to generate ideas and support ensemble members in improv scenes.

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