Improv for Anxiety 1

Level: 1

This innovative class uses ensemble-based improv to help people with social anxiety disorder overcome fear and avoidance associated with work, school, and family life. A Second City Training Centre instructor will lead the improv class through a series improv exercises that are specifically chosen to address key triggers for social anxiety. In a safe and nurturing environment, participants will be introduced to a number of tools they can use to manage their anxiety.

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1 York Street Toronto ON M5J 0B6

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06/26/24 - 08/07/24

06:00 PM, 3 hours

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07/06/24 - 08/17/24

03:00 PM, 3 hours

Key Concepts:

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Safe Environment:

Students will explore spontinaiety and risk taking in safe environments that limit external pressures to foster a sense of safety and inclusion.

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Improv Tools:

Students will implement the concept of "Yes, And" to foster collaboration and creativity.

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Through improv games and exercises students will learn to enhance effective communication skills.

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Students will use teamwork to generate ideas and support ensemble members in improv scenes.

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