Conservatory 3

Level: 3

Conservatory Level 3 is dedicated to the study of the many different types of scenic styles that are employed in sketch creation.

Students learn to improvise with the goal of creating potential sketch ideas built upon the foundation of classic comedic styles such as Fish Out of Water or Town Hall group scenes. Some of the characters or premises generated through this work may be carried over and used in the sketch show created during the Advanced Conservatory Grad Revue Process.

At the end of this term, students will need to audition for acceptance and ensemble placement in Grad Revue.

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64 N 9th Street Brooklyn NY 11249

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06/25/24 - 08/06/24

06:30 PM, 3 hours

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06/29/24 - 08/17/24

12:00 PM, 3 hours


08/29/24 - 10/17/24

06:30 PM, 3 hours


09/08/24 - 10/20/24

03:00 PM, 3 hours

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