Writing 3

Level: 3

Writing 3 builds on the exploration into a Second City running order established in Writing 2 by focusing on the various sources of scenic inspiration and delving deeper into satirical writing. Writing 3 addresses the satirical needs of a sketch comedy revue running order as well as the skills and needs brought on by the varied talents of the cast. By filtering the lessons acquired in previous Writing levels through the lens of satire, students get better acquainted with the style and asks of a Second City-style show. Students examine various sources of inspiration such special skills of the whole cast, other cast members, and personal experiences. As students sharpen the picture of the elements and source of Second City material, they deepen their exploration and understanding of satire and practice several formats that support strong satirical premises. Students in Writing 3 continue developing variety in their comedic scenes by focusing on the needs of the cast and/or the running order. Students continue to work with one another to develop scenes by collaborating on varied satirical premises.
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Key Concepts:

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Satirical Writing:

Filter source material through various satriic lenses to find the most impactful point of view.

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Source Material:

Examine various sources for inspiration and translate them into strong satirical premises.

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Comedic Style:

Explore various comedic styles and formats to create strong satirical premises.

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