Writing 5

Writing 5 focuses on generating and refining written satirical material that results in a fifty-minute sketch revue script. Writing 5 puts into practice the skills acquired from previous class levels to create and produce a Second City-style revue.

Students in Writing 5 learn how to complete a script for a Second City-style revue through comedic writing generated from individual contributions and group collaboration. Students take on production roles to better experience what it takes to mount a comedy show.

Writing 5 has students write a Second City sketch revue with considerations to running order, cast, variety, theme and other aspects investigated in previous Writing levels. Students hold auditions to cast their final scripted sketch show, which is produced and performed after Writing 6. In addition to completing a final script, students take on production roles to ensure that the show is mounted efficiently and effectively.

While there is no performance at the end of Writing 5, a script is created with the intent of being performed by actors after Writing 6.

Writing 5 requires submission of a sketch for admittance. If you have previously completed Writing 4 and would like to be considered for the next Writing 5 class, please indicate your interest using this form.

Writing 5