Improv Drop-in (Online)

Bring real, live fun from The Second City into your living room

Looking for laughs? Tired of TikTok? Already finished everything on all of Netflix? We’ve figured out how to bring real, live fun straight from The Second City to you! Our totally digital, totally FUN improv drop-in classes are for anyone looking for 90 minutes of fun and creativity---with other people. All you need is an internet connection and a camera, and we’ll have you “yes, and”-ing in no time. This crash course is taught by our Second City Training Center comedy pros in Chicago, LA, and Toronto. Sign up by yourself, or encourage your friends to join your session for a virtual get-together!

Monday : 12pm - 2pm CST
Tuesday : 6pm - 8pm CST
Wednesday : 3pm - 5pm CST
Thursday : 6pm - 8pm /10pm - 12am CST

For ages 18+
Teen classes also available on our website!

*Students from all time zones welcome!

Already taken full-length classes with us? Got some improv experience from your own neck of the woods and want to try it The Second City way? Spend your Monday night(s) with Rachael Mason and keep those comedy muscles nice and toned. Whether you're a current student with us or an improviser from the other side of the world, you can hop into our Advanced Improv Drop-In and keep the fun going.

Monday : 7pm - 9pm CST

No prerequisite, but improv instruction/experience is recommended. Not as experienced? Try one of the Improv Drop-Ins we offer throughout the week!

Improv Drop-in (Online)