Improv for Anxiety 4

Level: 4

Improv for Anxiety 4 reinforces the skills needed for strong scene work.
Students explore advanced-level scene work. They focus on synthesizing all the elements that go into strong, well-rounded, dynamic scenes: character, emotion, ensemble, environment, relationship, status, transformation, and more. Students also continue to learn how to improvise group scenes, and receive an introduction to scene styles and genres.
Students dive deeper into scene work, performing exercises that focus on the individual elements that make up successful scenes. Through repetition, observation, and feedback from the instructor, students become comfortable with creating scenes with strong characters, relationships, and a clear beginning, middle, and end. Students also learn several performance improv games, eventually gaining the skills to introduce, run, and perform several games.
Improv for Anxiety 4 meets once a week for three hours over a seven week term. There is a demonstration for an audience at the end of the term.
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230 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL

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06/26/24 - 08/07/24

07:00 PM, 3 hours

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Key Concepts:

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Dynamic Scenes:

Explore elevated scene structures and apply new concepts to build on the foundation of games and character creation.

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Character Development:

Enhance character creation by applying technical structure to scenes, such as heightening tension.

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Advanced Improv:

Students will explore advanced level scene work and formatting to further develop character creation, communication skills, and creativity.

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