Improv for Actors 1

In today’s entertainment industry, improv and the ability to work without a script has become an essential tool not only for rehearsal, but for performance on screen and stage, as well as auditioning. Improv for Actors 1 is for people interested in how to be a better actor. IFA-1 is geared toward both working and post-grad actors who are looking to expand their craft with skills of improvisation. It’s also a great option for people with a theater degree or background in the dramatic arts to have fun with new people in a new environment.

IFA-1 covers the fundamental elements of scene work, creating environment, and scenic transformation. Students acquire skills that can be applied to scripted and non-scripted work. Students become more improvisational in written moments and more confident when they improvise.

Students work on building ensemble, object work, and the essence of a good improvisational scene. Using games, exercises, and other play, students explore relationships, character motivation, and heightening techniques to create compelling scenes and characters purely out of improv.

Improv for Actors 1 is for students with a theater degree, currently enrolled in a full-length collegiate theater program, or have the equivalent amount of professional training and/or experience. Students must submit an acting résumé for consideration to be placed in IFA-1. Please submit a résumé through our online application.

Improv for Actors 1