Grad Revue 2

Level: 2

The second level of the Grad Revue process is dedicated to shaping the material that’s been generated thus far as well as continuing to create new ideas. Students work with their director to further develop sketches that have grown from pitches or improvised discoveries into written scenes.Students will learn the importance of the “beats” which comprise the crucial moments of storytelling within a scene. They provide a roadmap for crafting the best parts of the scene into a written sketch. The ensemble also works together within a writers’ room to punch up one another scenes, create group scenes, blackouts, runners and songs.

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230 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL

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08/27/24 - 10/08/24

07:00 PM, 3 hours

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08/28/24 - 10/09/24

07:00 PM, 3 hours


09/08/24 - 10/20/24

12:00 PM, 3 hours

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