Chicago Summer Comedy Camps (Ages 7-11)

Improv (9am–10:30am) – Explore the fundamentals of improv as taught and performed at The Second City. Develop skills like creative thinking, self-confidence, listening, brainstorming, team building, empathy, and communication, while having loads of fun and laughs.

Writing & Storytelling (10:50am–12:20pm) – Learn basic scene structure, the art of storytelling, and character development through the study of classic Second City scenes and other written materials.

Clowning & Physical Comedy (12:50pm–2:20pm) – Clowning is 50% physicality, 50% silliness, and 100% fun. Yes, that doesn’t make sense, but when it comes to clowning and comedy, it doesn’t need to! Kids will have the freedom of movement and self-expression in this class, while also learning about slapstick comedy and how to theatrically control their gestures.

Theater Arts and Crafts (2:30pm–4:00pm) – A fun guided-play experience for students to work on projects with classmates, design and create props and costumes, some of which will be used in their final productions. Everyday is an exciting new activity!

The optional Games & Movies session is available to those who would like to continue to 5:00pm.

One Week Options:

Two Week Options:

Chicago Summer Comedy Camps (Ages 7-11)