Improv for Actors 2

Level: 2

Like the first level, Improv for Actors 2 helps trained and post-grad actors who are interested in further exploring improvisation and learn how to be a better actor. However, IFA-2 also empowers these actors with the tools for advancement in the improv community. Completion of Improv for Actors 2 fulfills the prerequisites for the Second City Conservatory auditions.
In Improv for Actors 2, students build improvisational skills while creating characters. They discover how those characters and their points of view affect a scene.
Students work on 2-person and 3-person scenes. They learn how to develop the intricacies of scenic structure including the various initiations, beats, and endings. This class culminates in personal feedback and audition prep for the Second City Conservatory Program.
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230 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL

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06/26/24 - 08/07/24

07:00 PM, 3 hours

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Key Components:

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Advanced Improv:

Students will apply advanced level improv and formatting to further develop character creation, physicality, and points of view.

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Scene Analysis:

Break down scripts to understand emotional stakes, then apply understanding to create strong acting choices.

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Advanced Scene Creation:

Students will collaborate to develop the intricacies of relationships and scenic structure.

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Audition Prep:

This class culminates in personalized feed back and audition prep for the Conservatory Program.

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