Online Classes Start connecting again! View All Classes Physical distance doesn’t mean social distance. Right now, the world is consuming more content than ever before. You can be one of them. Whether you…

Online Classes

Start connecting again!
Physical distance doesn’t mean social distance. Right now, the world is consuming more content than ever before. You can be one of them.
Whether you have a film/TV idea you’ve always wanted to write, some jokes you need to punch up,
or just want to create something inspired, we’ve got your back.
We have multiple ways for you to join our network of talented teachers and students,
who are currently making the world a little bit funnier.

 Improv Drop-in Class

Looking for laughs? Tired of TikTok? Already finished everything on all of Netflix? We’ve figured out how to bring real, live fun straight from The Second City to you! Our totally digital, totally FUN improv drop-in classes are for anyone looking for 90 min of fun and creativity—with other people. All you need is an internet connection and a camera, and we’ll have you “yes, and”-ing in no time. This crash course is taught by our SC Training Center comedy pros in Chicago, LA, & Toronto. Sign up by yourself, or encourage your friends to join your session for a virtual get-together!

Stand Up Drop-in Class

Learn the basics of stand-up comedy from the comfort of your socially distanced home! Using the glories of modern technology, you and a group of fellow peers will “meet” with one of our comedy experts to learn how to “find the funny” while getting a sneak peak into one of the many learning opportunities The SC Training Center has to offer.

Like indoor recess for adults, Second City’s brand new online Escape Series is the perfect way to connect, laugh and try new things – all without leaving your living room. No prior experience is necessary for this fun, relaxed introduction to Improv, Stand-Up, Acting, and Writing. Over the course of four weeks, you’ll meet new people, learn games & exercises and break up the routine of physical isolation/working from home with each laugh-filled 90-minute session. Join alone or sign up with friends!

Improv Escape

Advanced Improv Escape

Acting Escape

Podcasting Escape

Stand-Up Escape

Songwriting Escape

Voiceover Escape

Writing Escape


Please note: these classes take place in Central Time.

Whether you want to be the next comedy star, punch up your business presentation with some jokes, or have the funniest maid of honor speech at the wedding, we’ve got you covered!

Book one on one video coaching (career advice, auditions) or written feedback (upload your written material or videos for notes) with a Second City Training Center teacher of your choosing!  The Best Part?  You can start for as little as $25!

Sign-up here! (not-so-secret-code : 60613)