Why Every Kid Should Take Improv Classes

By The Second City | Mar 31, 2017

Kids and improv go together like frosting and sprinkles. Sunshine and Saturdays. Baby hedgehog videos and the internet.

We asked some of Kids & Teens teachers why parents should encourage their kids to take improv classes. When they weren’t busy riding dragons to the moon, they gave us their answers.

Improv is basically a superpower

“Listening, agreement, working with partners. Those are the basic skill kids need to survive and thrive in the classroom, on the playground, or anywhere else!” -Jeff Poole

“Learning improv is physical--like a sport--but also includes imagination and emotional awareness, something everyone needs.” -Wolfgang Stein

“The only thing you can really give your kids is the ability to creatively think for themselves. Improv classes teach that skill in an adaptive way that allows for growth and transformation, no matter the situation.” -Jeremiah Howe

Improv celebrates the unique

“Kids and teens are living in a world of peer and societal pressure to fit in...Improv teaches you to take care of each other, celebrate everyone's differences, and be proud of what makes you unique.” -Carrie-ann Pishnak

“Second City is the place where class clowns feel at home.” -Andrew Thorp

Improv builds lasting friendships

“The friends my son made in Improv class are his closest friends. In school, it is hard for him to find people he clicks with, but in improv class he feels supported and loves creating and laughing with his peers. In his words, ‘theater kids are the nicest kids.’” -Lisa Bany

Improv is stupidly fun

“Improv teaches you the skills you need to be a full-fledged human (communication, confidence, creativity, team work). It's also stupidly fun.” -Bryce Read

Summer, Winter, and Spring Break improv game camps are also open for our Chicago, Toronto and Hollywood campuses, sign up today!

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