Technical Director

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  • Toronto
  • Hours Full-Time
  • Start Date Flexible

About the Second City  

The Second City is the world’s premier comedy brand, focused on the mission of entertaining, inspiring, and transforming through fearless comedy.  The company’s ten resident stages in Chicago and Toronto, plus three Touring Companies and a booming Theatricals division, entertain over one million theatergoers each year around the globe. The Second City Training Center, which includes the Second City Film School, is the largest school of improvisation on the planet.  Further, Second City Works, the B2B side of The Second City, provides hands-on learning, digital content, and consumer insights, all utilizing our proprietary improv-based approach to learning. Founded in 1959, The Second City continues to grow rapidly in size and influence by upholding five core values: performance, ensemble, diversity and inclusion, resiliency, and authenticity. For additional information on The Second City please visit:    


The Technical Director is responsible for the smooth operation and upkeep of all theatrical equipment in The Second City’s seven Chicago theaters. 

The TD works with the Creative and Production teams, including Stage Managers, Directors, Creative Directors, Production Managers, and designers.  

The TD works full time, 40 hours per week. Some shifts are nights and weekends. 

Reports to the Vice-President of Production. 



  • Maintain the inventory of theatrical equipment for venues and multiple rehearsal spaces. 
  • Perform comprehensive routine maintenance on venue equipment and infrastructure. 
  • Train Stage Managers in proper use of equipment and create policies for that use.  
  • Manage annual budget for the care and improvement of the theaters.  
  • Manage Second City’s relationship with equipment vendors, set builders, and technical consultants across all venues and reduce overall costs. 
  • Work with each venue’s Production Managers to develop a long-term upgrade and  
  • Advise Production and Creative teams on outside-hire designers (sets, lights, sound, projections). Help manage relationships with such designers to ensure they understand how to work with Second City’s unique culture and schedules.  
  • Write and maintain technical riders for our Touring Company and corporate entertainment and learning divisions.



  • Advise Production Managers on needed upgrades or improvements well before rehearsals begin, and work with them to plan and execute those upgrades. 
  • Work with IT to maintain rehearsal and show recordings. 
  • Negotiate prices for and purchases of all new equipment. 
  • Advise Designers, Directors, and Production Managers during the design of the set, bringing attention to technical concerns. Oversee set installation, solving problems that arise during construction. 
  • Serve as Master Electrician or arrange to hire one. 
  • Aid outside-hire projection designers, make changes to their show files for performances that they cannot attend, and coordinate their work with lighting designer. 



  • Make adjustments to lighting plot and assist in lighting hang to ensure new production's needs are met without disturbing other productions. 
  • Setup and make adjustments to new show’s audio file. 
  • Establish each production’s prop storage areas and control placement of outsize props. 
  • Assist Stage Managers in writing lighting cues, creating QLab files, and setting up sound board show files.



  • Train all Stage Managers in proper procedures on the road and in Second City venues.  
  • Be on hand for home show rehearsals, help Stage Managers as needed, and ensure technical issues are resolved. 
  • Maintain Touring audio equipment and musical instruments. 
  • Maintain prop room, track props and equipment across our many companies. 
  • Serve as resource for Touring and Theatricals Stage Managers during rehearsals. Respond to concerns that come up in show reports and provide guidance. 
  • Take responsibility for the content of Technical Riders. 
  • Develop a working model for touring Theatrical productions with greater technical requirements. (Set pieces, lighting, and sound equipment, etc.)



  • Coordinate long term equipment purchases, folding in unused equipment from the Mainstage, ETC and Up theaters. Work to bring Training Center technical experience to the same level as Second City’s resident stages to benefit shows and talent-in-training. 
  • Train all Stage Managers for proper procedures in all seven venues. Train SMs on Second City’s expectations. 
  • Perform day-of show dimmer checks. Replace lamps and gels as needed. Prevent running any show with fixtures offline. 
  • Maintain equipment in performance laboratories, music rooms, and other TC facilities.


Expertise in at least one technical theater discipline (lighting, audio, carpentry, video) is a must, as is competence in at least one additional discipline.
Improvisation or comedy experience is a plus. 


*The Second City is an open, inclusive workplace and welcomes applicants who bring along with them diverse life experiences, including every permutation of economic and cultural backgrounds, orientation, ethnicity, and points of view. We strive to continue our efforts to work with people who may otherwise be marginalized or underrepresented in our business and around our community. 

*All candidates for this role will be asked to authorize a background check and must be 21 and older.
*The Second City follows CDC guidelines and recommendations regarding safety measures to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. To work at The Second City you must show proof of being fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. Applicants with medical or religious exemptions will be considered. 


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