Operations Manager - Hospitality

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  • Toronto
  • Hours Full-Time
  • Start Date Flexible


  The Operations Manager oversees the operation of the entire Second City (Toronto) facility. This includes bar staff, front of house staff, operational functions and maintenance.


Building Maintenance  

- Ensure all issues pertaining to the facilities mechanical systems are addressed, including, but

   not limited to, refrigeration, electrical, HVAC, & plumbing.
- Establish maintenance schedules for all building systems and equipment.

- Works with Technical team to ensure comfort and safety of guests, performers, staff and

- Maintains vendor relationships and contracts while evaluating costs and quality of service.


Operations Management  
- Quarterly review of COGS and pricing, maintenance of such in the POS systems.
- Maintain relationships with existing suppliers in conjunction with Dept Head.
- Supervise bar and FOH staff while providing constructive feedback and empathetic leadership.
- Prepare Bi-Weekly timesheets.
- Prepare and submit monthly receipt packages and reconciliation reports.
- Monthly staff scheduling.
- Manage product inventory and ordering.
- Ensure nightly cash outs and reconciliation reports for accounting are accurate and up to date.
- Continue to monitor and update procedures in relation to bar operation in general.

- Maintain and update staff manuals and policies in accordance with industry standards –

   including health and safety guidelines.  To be completed in conjunction with HR.

- Ensure that the bar operation runs with legality and conformity to established governmental

   and AGCO regulations.
- Perform quarterly staff reviews.
- Work with Leadership in planning new initiatives and managing budgets accordingly.


Customer Service  
- Oversee handling of all customer concerns and complaints that are escalated by the bar staff or box office staff.

- Oversee the execution of special requests and group events from customers in coordination with the Group Sales team.


We are an open, inclusive workplace and welcome applicants who bring along with them diverse life experiences, including every permutation of economic and cultural backgrounds, orientation, ethnicity and points of view. We strive to continue our efforts to work with people who may otherwise be marginalized or underrepresented in our business and around our community.


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