Sly Chum & Soulmate

Sly Chum & Soulmate

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12PM: Slychum & Soulmate • 3 Arts Stage • $10

CC: Closed Captioning devices display a show’s dialogue and sound effects as text. Devices available by request. LADCF shows with Closed Captioning have “CC” before the title of the show below. Please email

Slychum: SlyChum is taking you on a spooktacular sketch adventure! SlyChum is Jay Pichardo (CBS Diversity Showcase) and Jennifer Polania (HisPanic Attack). The duo bring their unique, outlandish characters and exciting vaudeville style variety show back to LADCF. It’s fun, quirky, and only 30 minutes!


NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only


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