Sickboy & How About Beige

Sickboy & How About Beige

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3:00PM: Sickboy & How About Beige • 3 Arts Stage • $10


1. affected by physical or mental illness.
2. (of a person) having abnormal or unnatural tendencies; perverted.

1. used informally or lightheartedly to refer to a man.

SICKBOY is a new solo stand-up show, written and performed by a chronically ill pervert

How About Beige: How About Beige? is excited to play in their third LA Diversity in Comedy Festival at Second City Hollywood! We have performed and trained at Second City, iO West, The Nerdist School/Ruby LA, Groundlings, UCB, and the CBS Diversity Showcase. Individually, we are Patricia Villetto, Judilin Bosita, and Shalom Nieva. All together, we are beige. @HowAboutBeige @busterkyttyn @shalom @patriciavilletto

NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only

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