Picture Day & Cuddle Puddle – SC Sketch Ensembles

Picture Day & Cuddle Puddle - SC Sketch Ensembles


Picture Day and Cuddle Puddle • SC Sketch Ensembles • $5/$1 with current SC ID

PICTURE DAY: Sketch Comedy that’s all dressed up and ready to smile.Cast: Adam Garcia, Anna Dawahare,  Jacob Eneberg, John Meehan, Kyle Klein, Leah Dove, and Naomi Murden. Directed by Marc Warzecha. Musical Director: Kevin Stafford

CUDDLE PUDDLE: Warning: you’re about to enter the laugh zone. Cast: Angela Yonts, Colette Gallo, Jeremy Klein, John Mahone, Karli Garrett, Lindsey Fisher, Michael Dewbray, and Tim Portnoy. Directed by Dwayne Colbert. Musical Director: Kevin Stafford

NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only

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