Party Boat & Winnebago – SC Sketch Ensembles

Party Boat & Winnebago - SC Sketch Ensembles


Party Boat and Winnebago • SC Sketch Ensembles • 8PM • $5/$1 with SC ID

Party Boat: Pack your SH*T, you’re going. Featuring: David Frankel, Ryan Goldsher, Rochele Gutierrez, Joe Hospodor, Megan Koziej, Sarah Oliver, Derick Otto, Sue Shaheen. Director: Nancy Hayden. Musical Director: Kevin Stafford.

Winnebago: Quick Bob, get the kids in the RV, there’s a new sketch team in town! Cast: Adario Mercadante, Alex Dominguez, Bridget Flaherty, Jeffrey Hammerstein, Kristina “Beanie” Graef, Libby Wahlmeier, Mary Huse, and Nathan Wolff. Music direction by Kevin Stafford, Directed by Pepper Berry.


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