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Hot Flan & Winnebago
Hot Flan & Winnebago

About The Show

7:30PM: Hot Flan & Winnebago • Studio Theatre • $10

Hot Flan: HOT FLAN, directed by Tim Paul, is a house sketch team of Second City Hollywood. This eclectic collective of writers, comedians, musicians, and actors serve up a heaping plate of edgy, diverse, socially-relevant comedy that will leave you giggling to yourself late at night. Now serving, HOT FLAN!

Winnebago: "Quick Bob, get the kids in the RV, there's a hot sketch team in town!" We are Winnebago, a Second City House ensemble made of performers from across the US. Take an absurd 25-minute road trip with us. It will be dumb-- I mean fun!

NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only