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Asian Gracefully & Heraldo
Asian Gracefully & Heraldo

About The Show

10PM: Asian Gracefully & Heraldo • 3 Arts Stage • $10

Asian Gracefully: After growing up an honorary Jew and neurotic New Yorker, Woody discovered he is Asian and has emotions. Join him on this special night as he finally becomes a man. L'Chaim!

A one-(China)man show about being not white, immigrant hoarders, and why Asian men don't exist in porn.

Heraldo: HERALDO is the long-running team made up of veteran, Spanish-speaking improvisers. Their monthly show "Heraldo Presenta" features an all-Latinx lineup of stand up, sketch, improv and more! Their form focuses on heightened physicality and emotional comedy for all to enjoy. "Improv in Spanish, Laughs in English"

NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only