3 Asian Women on Stage at the Same Time & Room to Improv

3 Asian Women on Stage at the Same Time & Room to Improv

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1:30PM: 3 Asian Women on the Stage & Room to Improv • 3 Arts Stage • $10

3 Asian Women on the Stage: When do you get to see 3 Asian women on stage at the same time? Three Chicago comedians realized the answer is usually “never.” So together, they banded, and together they wrote sketches that examine what it really means to exist in 2018 in the intersection between woman and Asian.

Room to Improv: Room to Improv is an Asian-American improvisational theatre group that serves the LA community… and beyond! For 17 years, we have entertained audiences with our short-form stylings and long-form sensibilities. Our mission: create space for Asian-American performers to build their artistry and slay audiences along the way.

NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only

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