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Where's the Exit?
Where's the Exit?

About The Show

“Where's the Exit?” is a Writing 6 Sketch Revue featuring a cast of characters just looking to find their way out. Will Proppy escape from the evil Metaphorses? Will Dr. Heirsteifl be able to save Garf? And just why are all those guys hanging in the alley of the Rainforest Cafe? All this- and rollerblading- in this high-energy, delightful show!

Written By:
John Barno - Props & Marketing
Stephanie Lee Bourgeois – Stage Manager & Publicity
Dovid Bulgatz – Chief of Snacks
Hannah Byron – Assistant Director & Publicity
Andy Meholick – Sound Engineer

Caitlin Cash
Kelly Combs
Tommy Crossen
Nickolas Daniel
Stephen Fauss
Billy Jones

James Whittington

Musical Director:
Robbie Ellis

Caitlin Cash

$13 Standard
$11 College Student700
$7 Training Center Student


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